Monday, January 16, 2012

Who Is Trying To Gamble on MLK Day?

To honor Dr. King's lifetime of achievement, America would like to present you with the following schedule of NBA games (odds are from the iOdds app, because I have an iPhone and that's cool):

Orlando at New York (push)
Chicago (-4.5) at Memphis
Milwaukee at Philadelphia (-9)
Houston (-5) at Washington
Cleveland at Charlotte (-2.5)
Portland (-5.5) at New Orleans
New Jersey at Los Angeles Clippers (push)
Toronto at Atlanta (-10.5)
Sacramento at Minnesota (-7)
Oklahoma City (-2.5) at Boston
Dallas at Los Angeles Lakers (-4)

Factoring in the odds, I'm taking New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, Houston, Charlotte, Portland, Lob City, Toronto, Sacramento (it kills me), Oklahoma City, Dallas. If you'd like to gamble, tweet me @jaylike.

Also, I'll throw in some bonus Bullets Blog odds:

O/U K. Bryant Points (35.5)
O/U K. Bryant Field Goal Attempts (28.5)
O/U K. Bryant JPoint Score (38.2)

By the way, I'm taking under-under-under on those three. I don't think Kobe can keep up his production against Odom and Marion, and I do think he'll realize what's happening and defer to his teammates to help him. 

Although, he could just shoot 30 times again and put his team in a really rough spot. 

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