Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Could See Mayweather-Pacquiao On May 5th

If you remember from a week ago, Floyd Mayweather posted the following tweets:

Well, Floyd appears to still want to fight and Manny appears to be responding positively to the idea. Rumors are flying that the two talked on the phone today about the logistics of the fight - the date is set for Floyd, but they'd split the money 50/50. You can imagine that there'd be a ton of money in it for both of them - it would be the richest fight in boxing history and I have the feeling that every single dollar on the face of the earth would be gambled on it.

As if Cinco de Mayo wasn't already enough fun for America, a showdown between the two best boxers alive would push it over the top of sanity.

PS: don't sleep on the musical talent that would be in the ring

Split decision, for me.

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