Monday, January 16, 2012

Team TOPH's Fantasy Update - Week 3

Another disappointing loss for Team TOPH this past week.  Hell, it was a pretty disappointing weekend for every team I was pulling for.  If you include the NBA and the NFL, teams I wanted to win were a combined 0-6; Knicks, Broncos, Texans, Packers, Saint, Team TOPH.  Talk about a bad weekend.

This week I really got killed by not having Eric Gordon.  A lot of my players didn't have a full slate of games, so not having a shooting guard really hurt me.  My team logged almost 200 fewer minutes than the Panthers.  I'm not going to be able to win like that.  If I don't win rebounds and assists, I'm going to lose due to guys like Jamal Crawford who continues to be a disappointment, shooting just .370 from the field and only scoring 49 points.  Unfortunately, I can't drop him for someone better until Eric Gordon comes back.  Monta Ellis has suddenly forgotten how to shoot as well, going 34/88 from the field and 19/25 from the line.  Norris Cole was so bad that I cut him.  I'm taking a 5-3 loss going into the Battle of the Blog, hoping for the trend of good week followed by a bad week to continue.

Weekly Transactions: Dropped Norris Cole, Added Evan Turner

Week: 3-5
Season: 10-13-1 (Fourth Place in Western Conference, Sixth Place in the League)
9.5 Games Back of First in Western Conference, 5.5 Games Back of a Playoff Spot

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