Monday, January 9, 2012

Jay Hawks Update - Week 2

Well I assumed everyone would come out guns blazing and continue the undefeated season in every category - and then Randolph announced he was going to be out two months. Sweet. What a waste of $24. However, I did get some reassurance when I saw Rubio's stat line for the week (I knew it had been good but not this good): 4 games, 43.6% FG, 50% FT, 3 threes, 14 rebounds, 32 assists, 5 steals, 2 blocks, 41 points, $1 spent in auction.

This week really should have been 6-2-0. I needed Marc Gasol to get me 3 blocks. He did. But that Spanish asshole also shot 0-9 from the field and lowered my field goal percentage just enough to lose me that category. I swear, if I didn't think Ricky needed someone to speak Spanish to in the locker room, I'd release Marc Gasol faster than a can of stewed tomatoes at a yard sale.

The categories I lost in were FG%, FT%, and steals. So I thought to myself, how can I replace Zach Randolph and slightly impact these categories? Kill two birds with one stone, you know? And then I saw him, towards the top of the available player list. The savior of the Jay Hawks' season.
Talk about boosting us where we need help: 44.2% FG, 92.9% FT, 0.4 steals per game.

Note: to be honest, I only picked up Redick because I love him and because I knew Toph needed a shooting guard. I'm open to listening to some trades, bro.

Week 2: 5-3-0
Season: 13-3-0 (First Place in Western Conference & First Place Overall)

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