Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guest Blog: Trevor Laicha - Free Throws

I'd like to present you with our first-ever Bullets Blog Guest Blog. Written after Lebron left 8 points at the free throw line last night and cost the Heat a victory. 

Thanks Trevor

Missing Free Throws is Crazy

How a professional athlete misses an uncontested shot from 15 feet away is ridiculous.  I don’t care if your 7 feet tall, that’s less of an excuse as you’re closer to the hoop.  Find a way to make it work.  It's pretty much just tucking in your elbow and putting rotation on the ball, and some other shit with your legs.

The league average in 2010-11 season was 75.9%. There is no reason why that shouldn’t be in the 90’s.  A missed free throw every once in a while is acceptable because maybe it was a bad foul call and the ball never lies. But missing every other one? C’mon Shaq! (52%)

If men can dunk from where you’re shooting unguarded, you should make it.  I’m 15 and shitty at basketball. Scored 4 points my entire freshman season.  I only missed 1 free throw all season. If I actually try at the YMCA, I can make most of them. But an athlete that gets paid millions of dollars a year can miss ¼ of his free throws because he’s freakishly tall? No.  Go the gym and practice. 

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