Sunday, March 8, 2015

Let's Talk Next Year's Flyers

At this point, the Flyers are a touchdown behind the Bruins and Florida/Ottawa are also in the way. With the way things have been going, it looks like things are just about wrapped up for the Flyguys this season.

It's a shame that the trade deadline wasn't a week earlier, because I'd love to be able dump Streit's 2year/$10.5m deal, Umberger's 2year/$9.2m deal, Lecavalier's 2year/$9m deal, and Grossman's 1year/$3.5m deal that are all on the books after this year.

As for which contracts they could actually dump, I have no idea. I just know that a week ago I was planning on postseason hockey in Philly and I am no longer planning on it.

So let's look forward to next year, so hopefully we won't all get super pissed while we try to watch the last 15 game this season.

Steve Mason is on the books, so we have our goalie.

Giroux, Raffl, and Simmonds are all back, so we have our top line. 

Voracek and Brayden Schenn are back, so we have the rest of our first power play unit.

Couturier and Read are back, so we have our PK unit and the rest of our second line.

Bellemare will be back, and unfortunately he will be joined by the two overpaid bums from the second paragraph. There are some younger forwards that we hope will be in the majors, but it's tough to say at this point.

As for the d-men - Streit,  MacDonald, Schenn, and Grossman are all slated to make $3.5m or more. Which means there are two spots remaining on the squad for Del Zotto (who will be back) and the youngster group of Gostisbehere,  Morin, Hagg,  Manning, and Lauridsen.

It seems like someone in the front office noticed that we had a big need for defensemen and then spent 3 years filling that need. Which, to be honest, is A-OK with me. Defense wins championships, and that is where we are headed.

(And if we trade some of the "more developed" d-talent to make room for DZ and the rookies, you will never hear me complain about loading up on weapons for G and Jake.)