Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rank These Versions: Levels (originally by Avicii)

The Original (with a cool music video to boot):

The Flo Rida Radio Version:
The Skrillex Version:

The DJ Freak & DJ B-Boy Mashup Remix:

Without Levels (Irish Gaf Mafia Mashup):

For me:

5. The Flo Rida Version. That song fucking sucks. So does Flo Rida. He and Pitbull make a living by stealing other people's music and making shitty radio songs out of them. It's a tragedy. As bad as ASPCA commercials. I wish I could rank this lower than number 5. 

4. The Mashup of a Ton of Songs Version. Meh. It's alright, but it's nothing special. Well-made for sure, and it's got a lot of decent songs in it. But the next three songs really blow it out of the water.

3. The Skrillex Version. I'm not a big Skrillex fan. I think he's too dark. But he keeps it light - because honestly, how can you make Levels into a dark song? - while still putting his own spin on it. And for that, I give him props.

2. Without Levels. You guys may not know how much I love mashups, but I do. I even have a playlist on iTunes full of good mashups - 200 of them and growing. This might just be my favorite one.

1. The Original. It's perfection. One of the few songs that can't be made better at all. The perfect blend of heartfelt singalong and club-worthy banger.

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