Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tide Rolled

Not that I really care all that much about college football, but I was really pulling for the Tigers. Here's why:

Oh it's chasing a jackal? Oh my gosh!

But hats off to 'Bama. They really showed that they were the better team tonight. A few notable stats:
First Downs: Alabama 21 - 5 LSU
Total Yards: Alabama 384 - 92 LSU
That about tells the story.
Jeremy Shelley, K (ALA): 5/7 Field Goal, 0/1 Extra Point, 1/1 Dope Hair
It looks even cooler in gameday form. I'll look for a better picture.

They say, "Nothing can stop the honey badger when it's hungry." I suppose he wasn't hungry tonight.

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