Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Well Last Night Was Pretty Shitty

Guys, we got sucked into it again. Twenty minutes of good preseason football against a Packers team without a bunch of its core and we thought the Birds were going 19-0. The Super Bowl was in our sights. Sam Bradford was going to be the MVP and the comeback player of the year.

And most importantly, we were going to get rich off of week one player props. To the scoreboard:

Eagles -3 (Loss) 
Eagles Team Total Over 28.5 (Loss)
Sam Bradford Over 2 Touchdowns Passes (Loss)
These three go hand in hand (in hand?), and there is quite a bit of blame to dish out. Most of it has to go to Chip, who spent like nine figures on running backs this summer and gave them a total of sixteen carries combined.

That said, the passing attack looks good in the box score if you just look at the receivers. There was a lot of yardage to go around and that piece of the puzzle largely looked solid in the second half. But Bradford just absolutely can NOT throw that second pick on the final drive. We were expecting him to be our savior, an elite quarterback rescued from a dumpster fire in the Midwest. But that last drive (and the whole first half, and the lone touchdown for the night) was decidedly not elite.

DeMarco Murray Rushing Yards Over 82.5 (Loss)
DeMarco finished with eight carries for nine yards. Nailed it!

Nelson Agholor To Score A Touchdown (Loss)
Nelson finished with one garbage time catch for five yards. Nailed that one too!

Either Team To Score A Special Teams Or Defensive TD (Loss)
The Eagles did not return a kick all night, and Sproles' longest punt return was just 15 yards. The Falcons averaged 20 yards on their kick returns and 9 yards on their punt returns. I defend the logic of this bet, because Chip has had success in the special teams game in the past. 

Bradford Over 275.5 Passing Yards (Win)
Matt Ryan To Throw An Interception (Win)
Falcons Team Total Under 27 (Win)
Hey, we got a few right!

Either Team To Score 3 Unanswered Times 
In my analysis, I wrote "If you look at the fourth quarter box score tomorrow, you will see why this was a Yes. Eagles 21-0 in the fourth quarter." Neither team scored 3 unanswered times, but the Eagles did win the fourth quarter (7-6). So we will call this one a win and end on a high note.

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