Monday, September 14, 2015

Eagles-Falcons MNF Betting Guide

We've already talked about how Eagles -3 tonight is the lock of the week. It's a disrespectful line and it looks like it was set by somebody who doesn't have a clue how good the Birds looked all preseason. We also talked about how Eagles -10.5 seems like it should be the regular spread, but somehow it pays out more than 2/1. More free money.

But when you get into the player props for tonight, there's so much free money laying around that it's almost laughable.

Eagles Team Total Over 28.5 (-135) - Easy over. They might clear that by halftime.

Falcons Team Total Under 27 (-115) - Frankly I'd be surprised if the Falcons scored more than two touchdowns.

Will Either Team Score 3 Unanswered Times? Yes (-200) - If you look at the fourth quarter box score tomorrow, you will see why this was a Yes. Eagles 21-0 in the fourth quarter.

Nelson Agholor to Score a Touchdown (+150) - Rookie of the year campaign has to start somewhere.

Sam Bradford Passing Yards Over 275.5 (-125) - I guess this would be a good time to mention that all of these predictions hinge on Bradford not getting put on the back of a golf cart with his legs bent in opposite directions.

Sam Bradford Touchdown Passes Over 2 (-140) - If he doesn't go over then I have no hope in FanDuel this week. If he doesn't at least push then I will eat my own shorts.

Matt Ryan To Throw an Interception (-180) - The payout is pretty shitty, but it's always a ton of fun to yell "THROW A PICK YOU PIECE OF SHIT" and really, truly mean it.

DeMarco Murray Rushing Yards Over 82.5 (-125) - There were three games last year when DeMarco didn't go over 82 yards. One of them was against Philly. And before you even think about saying something about the Cowboys' offensive line last year, they just beastmoded their rushing attack to 81 yards against a defense anchored by a guy with one arm.

(Quick note: the Falcons do not have a running back listed for "rushing props")

Either Team To Score a Special Teams of Defensive TD (+150) - I am including this to cap the ticket because it seems like too much value. In a game where the over/under is set to put each team in the 20-30 points range, it feels like at least some of that has to come from Darren Sproles returning a punt for a touchdown.

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