Friday, September 18, 2015

Thursday Night Football Recap

Unfortunately, I did not make it until the end of last night's game. I actually didn't even make it through the first half. When I went to sleep, it was 14-0 Chiefs and it looked like our KC -3 bet was all good.

And then I woke up this morning, checked the ESPN app, and it turns out that it turned into a pretty back-and-forth game:

So it would appear that the teams traded touchdowns all night, and Denver scored the last one. Damn, that's a tough way to lose a game. Let's look at that fourth quarter:

(Puts gun in mouth)

How'd we do on the props?

Alex Smith Passing Yards Over 220.5 (Loss)
Alex Smith Passing Touchdowns Over 1.5 (Loss)
Travis Kelce To Score A Touchdown (Loss)
Smith  finished under 200 yards, with two interceptions and zero touchdowns. Related, Kelce did not catch a touchdown (because there were none thrown by the red team).

Jamaal Charles Over 4 Receptions (Push)
At this point, I'm going to count the push as a moral win. 

Alex Smith To Throw An Interception (Win)
Hey, we got one!

Peyton Manning To Throw An Interception (Win)
Uh oh, the money train is heating up!

Total Sacks In The Game Over 5 (Win)
This one wasn't posted because we fired it off later in the afternoon. But DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller each had one sack, Justin Houston had two, and the rest of the guys on the field combined for three more. 

Emmanuel Sanders To Score A Touchdown (Win)
Sometimes, you have to bet with your heart instead of your head. On a team with a quarterback that seemed to be struggling, with other receiving options like Demarius Thomas and Owen Daniels available in the red zone, why would you bet on Sanders to score? Well I did because I'm the greatest football better there is. 

On the night: 4-4-1 (okay, maybe like eighth-greatest)

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