Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Night Football Preview

The most wonderful kind of lights. Also, a reminder that the only positions that matter in football are head coach, quarterback, and running back.

The first rule of betting on early season, "come play us so we can kick the shit out of you" matchups is NEVER bet on the shittier team. Even if you don't think Michigan State is going to cover 17.5 against Western Michigan, do you really want to be in the fourth quarter tonight rooting for a bunch of MAC scrubs to score against MSU's defense?

Another quick piece of information to keep in mind is NOBODY knows ANYTHING about any of these teams. Maybe the #2 team in the country will just barely squeak by a hockey school's football team. Who knows? Maybe the Big XII stinks and you shouldn't bet on them for at least the first month of the season?

With that in mind, here are the games tonight that feature teams that are worth watching:

#5 Michigan State -17.5 @ Western Michigan, 7pm, ESPNU

MSU is 18/1 to win the championship this year. I cannot find odds on Western Michigan to win.

#4 Baylor -37 @ SMU, 7pm, ESPN

I think ESPN might have messed up here by putting a five-score blowout on the main channel instead of something a little closer, but what do I know? Baylor's 12/1 to win the playoff, so maybe that's enough to make up for the fact that they are going to stomp the life out of SMU.

Washington @ #23 Boise State -13, 10:15pm, ESPN

Tonight's nightcap is interesting because Washington's coach spend 2006-2013 as Boise State's coach. It's also interesting because it's the first football game of the night where both teams have title odds listed on Bovada. Granted, Boise State at 100/1 and Washington at 500/1 doesn't really give either team too much of a chance, but they are both at least on the board.

The ticket tonight is another teaser (because teasers are the best in games like these*): Michigan State -11 and Boise State -6.5 for a payout of -120.

*Teasers are just the best in general.

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