Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monday Night Football Recap: Jets @ Colts

Jets Colts Football
I stole this from the AP website and I don't know if that's legal?

Gambling, a lot of times, makes you feel like a scumbag. If you are on a losing streak, the act of wagering any money at all really makes you question what you are doing with your life. 

But if you're in the zone (or even anywhere close to the zone), then gambling is the best goddamn activity in the whole world. Last night's ticket:

Jets +7 (-120) (Win)
Jets +3.5 (+120)
Jets Moneyline (+225)
I mentioned each of these at points in the blog last night and based my preference on whether or not T.Y. Hilton played. He did play, so I would have gone with Jets plus a touchdown. But Hilton only managed 4 catches for 45 yards (#RevisIsland) and obviously the moneyline would have been the play. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick Passing Yards Over 210.5 (Win)
Ryan Fitzpatrick Passing Touchdowns Over 1.5 (Win)
The Colts defense stinks. They got torched - or as torched as you can get by Johnny Manziel and one of the McCown brothers - last week against the Browns. This week they got lit up by Fitzpatrick, who threw Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker a combined 15 passes for 198 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Chris Ivory Rushing Yards Over 74.5 (Loss)
Chris Ivory To Score A Touchdown (Loss)
I did not realize that the Jets were going to split their carries almost right down the middle between Ivory and Bilal Powell. 

*Lock Of The Night* 
Andrew Luck Rushing Yards Over 19.5 (Win)
On a night where one of the league's "elite" quarterbacks finished with a 56.7% completion rate for less than seven yards per attempt and three interceptions, you might have expected him to lose all of his player props. Not the lock of the night, though:

I'm going to be honest with you guys. I have no idea how ESPN is counting luck at 24 rushing yards. That ten yard rush to take it from 14 to 24 was called back because of a holding penalty. Andrew, do you know what happened here?

Yeah, neither do I, but I'll take it. 4-2 on the night. 

Bonus Comedic Eagles Reference

Chip Kelly was right for once!

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