Friday, September 4, 2015

Breaking News: TCU is OUT of the National Title Discussion

You knew it was only going to be a matter of time until we lost a teaser because of something stupid. I was hoping it would take longer than one damn night.

South Carolina covered their spread, and all we needed for a nice little teaser payday was the second best team in the country to win by double digits against a team that is going to end the season with at least half a dozen losses. 

Nope. Not meant to be. 

The two biggest reasons TCU was ranked so highly were their ferocious beatdown of Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl and their quarterback, Heisman Favorite Trevone Boykin. Let's break down how it was stupid to think those two things were going to work out. 

Lots of yards. Lots of possession. Two turnovers against Minnesota is inexcusable. Kicking 3 field goals is also inexcusable. Those drives needed to be converted for 7 points. How do you think that would have gone against Baylor or Oklahoma? That's a loss for TCU, and it knocks them out of the playoff. 

Let's talk about Boykin for a minute. If you are rushing the ball, 5.9 yards per attempt is pretty damn good. If you are throwing the ball, that is fucking terrible! Credit to TCU for running so many offensive plays, but if you throw the ball 40+ times you should most certainly end up with more than 250 passing yards and one touchdown.

That is the face of the quarterback that kept Minnesota within one possession of TCU. Leider managed the game, didn't turn the ball over (except for when he got sacked and fumbled, but that could have happened to anybody), and did enough right that Minnesota probably would have beaten a non-OSU B1G team. Great for them! Bad for TCU. You heard it here first: the Horned Frogs are officially OUT of the college football title picture. 

*Editor's note: there is no significance to cutting that list off at 20. The screen just couldn't hold all 25 at once. 

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