Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Night Football Preview

It's almost mancave season, boys! (Quick side note, I called it mancave season for the first time in a text to my girlfriend and now I think I might be single.) Let's stock the fridge and sit on the couch for four hours every night and sixteen hours both days every weekend. Let's jump right in to the college football season:

South Carolina -3 @ North Carolina, 6pm
Steve Spurrier against the ACC. Boom. Easy. If you need some numbers to back up that reasoning, the over/under numbers for season wins are UNC 7.5 wins (over -140) and USC 6.5 wins (over -120).

"But Jay, that's telling us UNC is better!" No it's not, idiot. After SC, UNC plays five decent teams all year (Ga Tech, Pitt, Miami, Va Tech, NC State). South Carolina has to play Georgia, Mizzou, LSU, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Florida, and Clemson.

Look at the title odds: South Carolina is 300/1 and North Carolina is 500/1. Neither team is beating the elite teams out for their playoff spots, but Vegas likes the Cocks significantly more than they like the Heels.

TCU -17 @ Minnesota, 9pm
Remember how I said a team in the 300/1 or 500/1 range isn't going to beat out an elite team for their playoff spot? I just said it one paragraph ago.

TCU is that elite team. At 6/1, they're second behind only Ohio State (between 2/1 and 3/1) to win the playoff. They have Heisman Favorite Trevone Boykin returning at quarterback, and they won their bowl game against an above-average SEC West school by almost 40 points.

Do we need to tease this for some wiggle room? Probably not. But we're teasing it with the early game to give us some extra juice just in case. Our ticket tonight is Cocks +3.5 and Frogs -10.5.

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