Thursday, March 29, 2012

Examining Deron Williams as a Fantasy Player

If you recall, back in the Fall (Summer? Spring?) I spent $67 of my $200 fantasy basketball auction budget on Deron Williams. Ballsy, move right? I mean that's more than what Derrick Rose ($65), Kobe ($43), Dwight Howard ($64), Kevin Love ($57), Dwyane Wade ($64), Russell Westbrook ($56), and Carmelo Anthony ($48) went for. In fact, only Chris Paul ($68), Lebron James ($73), and Kevin Durant ($74) went for more. It seems extra ballsy now, right?

Well check this shit out, heading into the fantasy playoffs (we might be like 3 days in. Sue me):

  • Points: 1002 (9th, 2nd among point guards)
  • Assists: 379 (T-5th and the leaders are all point guards)
  • 3-Pointers Made: 103 (3rd, 1st among point guards)
  • Free Throws Made: 221 (12th, 4th among point guards)
  • Free Throws Attempted: 261 (14th, 4th among point guards)
  • Free Throw Percentage: .847 (26th among point guards, 15th among PGs with 50+ attempts)
I compare Deron to CP3 and DRose, because those are the guys in the same price range. 
  • Points: Paul (859, 6th among point guards) & Rose (776, 11th among point guards)
  • Assists: Paul (379, T-5th among point guards) & Rose (271, 16th among point guards)
  • 3PM: Paul (59, 12th among point guards) & Rose (48, 26th among point guards)
  • FT%: Paul (.857, 21st among point guards) & Rose (.819, 31st among point guards)
Here's what plays out: I win the point guard matchup every single fantasy week. Normally it's not close. Nobody can match Williams across the board. He scores a huge chunk of New Jersey's points. He also dishes out most of their assists. He can shoot the three, and he gets to the line a fairly high number of times. All around, he's the best point guard in the game. It's just a shame that he plays for such a shitty team. 

Dallas 2012?

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