Monday, March 12, 2012

BBFMM Draft Recap - Team Jay

I'm going to be honest. I think Toph did better in the draft then I did. But I'm not really worried, because March Madness is 10% skill and 90% luck anyway.

Round 1: Draymond Green, F, Michigan State (1)
He was the top player on my board, which used an equation something along the lines of:


No word yet on if that makes any sort of sense. It's supposed to take into account the player's likeliness to play more than one game in addition to their per-game statistics. Four players on my board (five if you count John Henson, who neither of us decided to take a risk on due to injury) scored above 50. Green led the way with 64.8 and he's the best player (by far) on a #1 seed that could make a deep run. It seems like Tom Izzo finds his way to the Final 4 every Spring. 

Round 2: Harrison Barnes, F, North Carolina (1)
Barnes was the top player on my "eye test" board, as Jay Bilas might say. Watching him, at times, is like watching a symphony on the basketball court. He's just so smooth. Plus he averages 25 fantasy points a game. We all knew he was going to end up on my roster at some point. But thinking back, I really should have grabbed a second-tier player and just come back to the first tier because Toph couldn't take any more. Shit. 

Round 3: Jared Sullinger, F, Ohio State (2)
He's definitely played like the second-best Tier B forward (behind Thomas Robinson) but I get the feeling that Sullinger's quietness all season will be thrown aside as he tries to prove himself to pro scouts - remember that this is a guy who was going to be a lottery pick if he declared for the draft after last season. He's probably still going to be a lottery pick, and this tournament is his way to solidify that on a national stage. 

Round 4: Tyshawn Taylor, G, Kansas (2)
Without Robinson, I was happy to snag Tyshawn from a Kansas team that could do really well but could totally flop. In a tournament like March Madness, you really want to avoid having more than one person per team. You've heard the expression, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket"? Well in this case just don't put more than one egg in a basket. Or something. 
PS - A good sign that my formula was accurate: the four players taken from Tier B were the top four on my board

Round 5: Doug McDermott, G, Creighton (8)
Even when you factor in that Creighton is an 8 seed, McDermott's scoring numbers still put him towards the top of the Tier C players. The only downside is he's limited to play 2 games, maximum. If they get past Alabama (likely) they have to face UNC (impossible). But I still aim to get 50-55 fantasy points out of him. 

Round 6: Jeffrey Taylor, G/F, Vanderbilt (5)
I like this pick because Vandy has a fairly easy draw in Harvard, Wisconsin, and Syracuse. Add in that Taylor can play both positions (giving me a lot of roster flexibility) and it's a nice complimentary pick. 

Round 7: Brandon Davies, C, BYU (14)
There was a little controversy as to his position, but we said that our official source of stats and positions was ESPN and there was an article I found that referred to him as "BYU center Brandon Davies" so he counts (link here). If you click the link, you'll be reminded that he's the guy who got kicked off the team last year because he had sex with his girlfriend. Plus BYU is in a play-in game so he's likely to get two games. 

Round 8: Allen Crabbe, C, California (12)
Another play-in game means another shot at a team playing three games before even making it to one of the top four seeds. I like those odds. I've actually never heard of or seen Crabbe before, but California is a nice state. 

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