Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BBFMM Chris vs. Mark

In the spirit of March Madness, I couldn't stop at one fantasy draft.  Mark wanted to get in on the brilliant idea that is taking over the country by storm, Bullets Blog Fantasy March Madness.  We decided to have a draft this morning and this is how it turned out.

Round 1:
Mark - Anthony Davis, F, Kentucky, Tier 1
Chris - Thomas Robinson, F, Kansas, Tier 2

Round 2:
Mark - Kendall Marshall, G, North Carolina, Tier 1
Chris - Jared Sullinger, F, Ohio State, Tier 2

Round 3:
Mark - Phil Pressey, G, Missouri, Tier 2
Chris - Will Barton, G, Memphis, Tier 3

Round 4:
Mark - Perry Jones, F, Baylor, Tier 2
Chris - Garrett Stutz, C, Wichita State, Tier 3

Round 5:
Mark - Kevin Jones, F, West Virginia, Tier 3
Chris - J'Covan Brown, G, Texas, Tier 4

Round 6:
Mark - Doug McDermott, F, Creighton, Tier 3
Chris - Keith Appling, G, Michigan State, Tier 1

Round 7:
Mark - Jason Brickman, G, LIU-Brooklyn, Tier 4
Chris - C.J. Leslie, F, North Carolina State, Tier 4

Round 8:
Mark - Kyle O'Quinn, C, Norfolk State, Tier 4
Chris - Tyler Zeller, F, North Carolina, Tier 1

I tried out a new method of drafting today, and I think I executed it relatively well.  I call it the charge method.  I tried to beat him to the spot on the 2-4 Tier players, so that I would be left searching for two Tier 1 players as opposed to drafting in the same Tier as Mark each round.  I'm not positive I made the best choices, but I executed the draft strategy pretty well, and I like my team a lot.  I really like C.J. Leslie, I think NC State is playing great ball right now, and they could win their first round game.  Mark made a great pickup in Kevin Jones, he's a stud and if West Virginia wins a couple games, he's going to put up monster numbers.  Also, McDermott dropped far, and again he'll put up great numbers if Creighton can advance.  Kyle O'Quinn, the player with the highest BBFMM Points Per Game throughout the season, finally got an opportunity to play somewhere, and I'm unbelievably curious to see how he does in the first round.  He averages 15.9 Points, 10.4 Rebounds, and 2.7 Blocks Per Game.  I want to see how he does against the first real team he plays, Missouri.

So to recap:

Guards - Kendall Marshall, Phil Pressey, Jason Brickman
Forwards - Anthony Davis, Perry Jones, Kevin Jones, Doug McDermott
Center - Kyle O'Quinn

Guards - Will Barton, Keith Appling, J'Covan Brown
Forwards - Thomas Robinson, Jared Sullinger, C.J. Leslie, Tyler Zeller
Center - Garrett Stutz

It'll be interesting, that's for sure.  There will be plenty to watch, starting tonight.

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  1. I will have more assists overall, guaranteed. Between Marshall and Brickman, they average 17. Add Pressey to that and it's almost a giveaway. However, the success of my team really depends on how far Kevin Jones and McDermott can advance, sadly, my guess is they both win one round and then are eliminated. I have 4 guys who I predict will be in it for a while (Marshall, Pressey, Davis and PJ3), as do you(Appling, Robinson, Sullinger and Zeller). The rest of our players are wild cards, I think we are each banking on a few wins from teams like WVU for me and Wichita State and NC State for you.
    This is such a cool concept. Let's see what happens!