Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jay's 2012 March Madness Bracket

Not that it matters because in about a week and a half everyone's bracket is going to be covered in dog shit but here are my picks for the tournament so that when I win (the war of attrition) and win hundreds of dollars you guys can all see how I did it.

South Region
Nobody should have a team other than Kentucky coming out of this region. They are a professional basketball team in a college basketball tournament. I'll skip the first round and just give you my Sweet 16 and on: Kentucky, Indiana, Baylor, Duke. No upsets, I know. Whatever. Then Kentucky and Baylor and (as mentioned before) the Wildcats again.
Jay's Pick: Kentucky

West Region
I have Michigan State, Louisville, Marquette, and Missouri in the Sweet 16. A lot of my fantasy team is riding on Draymond Green's shoulders - but that's nothing compared to how much of Michigan State's title hopes are riding on him. We both need him to do well and take the Spartans deep in the tournament. Michigan State over Louisville is easy - I hate Louisville. Marquette over Mizzou is harder, but I still like Marquette's duo of Jae Crowder and Darius Johnson-Odom.
Jay's Pick: Michigan State

East Region
By far the most wide-open region, even before Syracuse lost Fab Melo for the tournament (idiot). I think Cuse, Ohio State, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, and Cincinnati all have good chances of making it to the Final 4. I went with Vandy over Wisconsin to the Sweet 16, and then a Vandy-OSU matchup in the Elite 8. You have to go out on a limb with some 5 seeds sometime, right?
Jay's Pick: Ohio State (I didn't say I was going far out on a limb)

Midwest Region
There is one team and one team only that should be coming out of this region. There are two teams and two teams only that should be the Elite 8 matchup in this region. North Carolina (and Kansas). I have Temple and San Diego State getting thrashed by those two in the Sweet 16. Combined point differential of like 25.
Jay's Pick: North Carolina

Final Four

  • Kentucky beats Michigan State easily. Draymond Green vs. Anthony Davis? Okay even if you give Green a little boost and call him as good as Davis. The rest of Kentucky is one hundred bazillion times better than Sparty. 
  • North Carolina beats Ohio State easily. Zeller-Henson are more than capable of slowing down Sullinger. And I know I just said that two of Toph's players are going to shut down two of my players, but that's fine because I'm going to jump out to a commanding fantasy lead (oh wait, already done that). I just wish that Kendall Marshall was more athletic because his court vision is absurd. Oh, and, uh, Harrison Barnes. 
  • A UK-UNC national championship game would be absolutely phenomenal. The coaches (Roy Williams and John Calipari), the prospects (Davis, Zeller, Henson, Kidd-Gilchrist, Marshall, Barnes, Teague, Jones, Lamb), the prestige of the programs (some stat about combined championships or whatever). I'm rooting for this.
Jay's Pick: North Carolina

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