Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bullets Blog Fantasy Baseball Draft Summary - Team TOPH

This was an intense draft.  Other than the Jae Hawks and Twins, everyone was relatively conservative in their bids.  Very few teams bid higher than market value, unlike basketball where people like Zach Randolph went for $100 more than they should have.  Here are the results for Team TOPH, broken down by position, in order by price.

Joey Votto, First Base, Cincinnati, $31
Hanley Ramirez, Shortstop, Miami, $28
Jose Reyes, Shortstop, Miami, $25
Ryan Zimmerman Third Base, Washington, $21
Dan Uggla, Second Base, Atlanta, $17
Buster Posey, Catcher, San Francisco, $10
Martin Prado, Third Base, Atlanta, $5
Ike Davis, First Base, NY Mets, $3
John Buck, Catcher, Miami, $2
Daniel Murphy, Second Base, NY Mets, $1

Something I just realized after listing these out, 80% of my infield is in the National League East.  To be fair, the only reason I got John Buck was because Gonchar was being a jerk and outbidding people who had no money, so when he couldn't bid over $1 I made sure to get him back.  Sweet revenge, Gonchar, that's what you get.  My starting infield is unbelievably fresh though, around the horn of Votto, Uggla, Hanley, and Zimmerman with Posey at catcher, and Ike and Reyes in the 1B/3B and 2B/SS respectively.

Josh Hamilton, Outfield, Texas, $18
Ben Zobrist, Outfield, Tampa Bay, $14
Carlos Lee, Outfield, Houston, $8
Josh Willingham, Outfield, Minnesota, $4
Lucas Duda, Outfield, NY Mets, $1

Lucas Duda is going to be an enormous contributor to Team TOPH this year.  He's going to be a household name in a few years, he's got enormous power and he can hit lefties.  I'm a little concerned about Willingham, and I think Lee's health is always a concern, but overall, I like my outfield.

Yovani Gallardo, Starting Pitcher, Milwaukee, $15
Madison Bumgarner, Starting Pitcher, San Francisco, $11
Josh Johnson, Starting Pitcher, Miami, $9
Tommy Hanson, Starting Pitcher, Atlanta, $9
Tim Hudson, Starting Pitcher, Atlanta, $8
Gio Gonzalez, Starting Pitcher, Washington, $8
Heath Bell, Relief Pitcher, Miami, $7
Johan Santana, Starting Pitcher, NY Mets, $1
Vance Worley, Starting Pitcher, Philadelphia, $1
R.A. Dickey, Starting Pitcher, NY Mets, $1

My God I'm NL East biased.  I know they're going to be the best division in baseball, and that they'll wind up getting both of the NL Wildcard spots, but to take 80% of my pitchers from that division as well?  I'm a bit scared now, overloading on players from the same division, but oh well, if you're good, you're good.  Plus, Dickey is a stud, and he's worth way more than $1.

I'm taking a lot of risks with people who have a history of injuries.  Santana, Johnson, Lee, Hamilton, Murphy, Reyes, and Posey are all major injury concerns.  However, my team has a ton of potential, and I'm excited to see what we can do.

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