Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Apologies...But this is the reality of things- I'm ranting.

I am very sorry to all of my fans for not writing a post recently. It's been a busy few weeks but I promise I'll get back into writing. If I don't Jason can pimp smack me in the face 3 times..and that's it.

First let's talk about last night's NCAA tournament games. Two games with 4 teams that maybe shouldn't be in the tournament-but are anyways. The first game between Western Kentucky and Mississippi Valley State was an interesting one. The Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky had a very mediocre year (with a record below .500) but still somehow managed to win their conference tournament. MVS was the better team by far, compiling 21 wins throughout the season (17 in conference).

Here's the deal, I don't care who you are. But when you have a 16 point lead with 5 minutes remaining, you better close it out. Appalachian State could be beating the Kobe-Shaq Lakers, I don't care. If you're up 16 with 5 minutes to go, you need to win the game. Mississippi Valley State blew it. Plain and simple. Congrats to Western Kentucky. Have fun playing Kentucky and Anthony Davis' unibrow.

The second game was between BYU and Iona- two of the better mid majors throughout the season. Iona came out to BALL in the first half. I've seen them play. Scott Machado is dirty. Mike Glover is a beast. And then add Momo Jones, a transfer guard who started on ARIZONA a year ago? Come on. No competition right? 2 possible draft picks against a bunch of Mormons? Well, the first half went smoothly for the Iona Gaels. They could do no wrong. On absolute fire from every spot on the court. They went into halftime up 15. And then....the second half started. In the second half, Iona was outscored 38-17 by the BYU Cougars. It's really unacceptable for such a lapse to occur. You cannot simply dominate a team, have broadcasters give out warnings to Marquette in the second round match up, and then lose. It's ridiculous. Personally, I put all the blame on the coach. He obviously was not prepared for such a lapse during the second half and didn't know what the hell to do when it happened. Hey buddy, it's called a time out. Bring your guys in, sit them down and tell them to relax and work for their shots. Unbelievable. The Gaels lost 78-72 to BYU and their best player, Brandon Davies, who happens to be the same guy kicked off of the team last year for admitting to having sex with his girlfriend. Crazy world we live in.

(does anyone really care about BYU anymore now that this guy ^ is gone?)

FINALLY, let me make a few more basketball points switching from the NCAA tournament to the NBA.

Dwight Howard: Make up your mind. It's really getting childish. Either you let the magic trade you or you sign a new deal. Personal opinion- stay in Orlando. Guys will come play with you. You're the best center in the league. Chill with Mickey Mouse and keep grabbing 25 rebounds per night.

The New York Knicks: ARE A MESS RIGHT NOW! But Carmelo Anthony will not be traded. Amar'e Stoudemire will not be traded. The reason the Knicks are so inconsistent time and time again is because they never allow for chemistry to come together. Over the past few years, the roster has experienced so many changes, creating chemistry has been impossible. Without a training camp and preseason, chemistry is impossible. I'm confident things will come together. And if not, Mike D'Antoni better start looking for a new job.

Pau Gasol: Should not be traded. I really don't understand why the Lakers keep shopping this guy. Literally, the organization was thrilled to acquire him for KWAH-MAY Brown and now the want to get rid of him? I don't get it. He still produces. Maybe if they got a decent BACK UP for him, they wouldn't have to rely on him so much. What makes the Lakers good (besides Kobe Bryant) is the fact that they two humongous big guys to fill the lane and block shots. For the sake of the team, don't trade Gasol.

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