Sunday, March 11, 2012

BBFMM Team TOPH Draft Recap

So, as I'm sure you're all well aware, Me and Jay's fantasy league for the NCAA Tournament begins on Tuesday, with the Selection Sunday taking place only hours ago.  Shortly after, we did a draft, and I'm pretty excited to see how Team TOPH does.

Round 1: Thomas Robinson, F, Kansas
As the overall number one pick, I had no problem taking Robinson as I thought he was a steal of a second tier player.  He averages 18 points, 11.8 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 1.1 steals, and 1 block per game, giving him a total of 33.8 BBFMM Points Per Game.  Throw in the victory one point bonus that he'll surely get being on Kansas, and we've got ourselves off to a nice start.

Round 2: Anthony Davis, F, Kentucky
He's the best player in the country, playing on the best team in the country.  He's averaging 31.3BBFMM Points Per Game, and I was able to get the top two players on my board.

Round 3: Tyler Zeller, F, North Carolina
This was a tough pick, as he was high up there on my draft board too, although after drafting two forwards already, I really wanted to take a guard.  After looking at the players still undrafted, there were a lot of good guards in the second tier of players, and not many in the first tier.  That meant it made the most sense to pass on Jared Sullinger, and fill that final Forward and first tier spot with Zeller as a guard would be available later.  Plus if Henson comes back, Carolina's a damn good team.

Round 4: Marcus Denmon, G, Missouri
I love Missouri.  he was the second highest rated guard on my board, behind Tyshawn Taylor, but I didn't want to get bogged down with having too many players from the same team.  Denmon actually had the second highest BBFMM Points Per Game among guards playing in a major conference with 26.6, trailing only J'Covan Brown who averages 28.5.

Round 5: Will Barton, G, Memphis
Barton's fresh.  He held the highest BBFMM Points Per Game among guards playing for a team that I knew played in Division 1.  31.2 is a crazy high number for a guard, as only C.J. McCollum from Lehigh (35), and Nate Wolters from South Dakota State (34.3), averaged more points.  It was the fifth round, and I went with the best player on my board.  Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.  But you've got to spend money to make money, for lack of a better term.

Round 6: Garrett Stutz, C, Wichita State
It was a steal getting him in the sixth round.  They got screwed over getting a six seed and having to play VCU, but I think they could win a couple games.  Stutz averages 24 BBFMM Points Per Game, and since I wasn't aware until after I made this pick that Brandon Davies was a center, Stutz was third in centers behind Gorgui Dieng (24.1), who I will never take because that Louisville game was so hard to watch, and Kyle O'Quinn who posted a blistering 31.6.  Unfortunately, Norfolk State didn't draw a play-in game, which would have increased his value exponentially, so I had to go with Stutz on the basis of he's played better competition and has the potential to log more minutes.

Round 7: J'Covan Brown, G, Texas
How the guard playing in a major conference who posted the highest BBFMM Points Per Game lasted until the seventh round is beyond me.  Plus, throw in the fact he's on a team that's certainly been competitive all season, playing against a Cincinnati team that's painful to watch, with a second round matchup against a team that blows out nobody in Florida State looming.  Brown could be the best fourth tier player in this draft, and if Texas can win a couple games that gives him fantastic value from that fourth tier position.

Round 8: Scott Machado, G, Iona
To be honest, I had no idea his stats until 2 minutes prior to picking him, if that.  He averages 13.6 points, 5 rebounds, and 9.9 assists a game.  Plus he's playing in a play-in game, so if Iona can beat a mediocre BYU team he can log me some precious minutes.  I look at getting more than one game from a fourth tier player as a bonus, so hopefully he can work a little overtime for me, give or take.

Team TOPH Roster
Guards: Marcus Denman, Will Barton, J'Covan Brown
Forwards: Thomas Robinson, Anthony Davis, Tyler Zeller
Center: Garrett Stutz
Utility: Scott Machado

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