Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Reese's Bracket

My roommate Buzz (Alex, Teddy, Xander, the Daggyy, hit him on twitter at @Tsoupac) and I were watching March Madness a few minutes ago and we saw that Reese's commercial with the bracket of snacks/sweets/things that people like to bake into cookies (but the bracket included cookies. Like some Inception cookies within cookies. I'll experiment with them this weekend). We decided to go thru the bracket as a team and decide what the most delicious thing was.

Note: the actual criteria we used was "what we love more" and even that was really ambiguous. If you try it, you'll see what I mean.

Some bullets (pun intended) about our deliberations:

**Note from Alex: the way we decided how we rated each pick was through the Laich Percentage Voting System. I had never heard of this and judging by Jae's explanation, I knew it was bullshit. Basically, you just give each option a number and the sum of the two has to equal 100%. So if you wanted to be a prick (which I did), you could just go 100% peanut butter - 0% any opponent. Basically, it was the most unreliable, biased system ever. But to be fair, I voted 99% peanut butter - 1% caramel in the final, so it's legit. JetLife.

  • Chocolate, Caramel, (Whipped) Cream, Mint, Cookies, and Peanut Butter made it through the first round easily. Blowouts. 
  • I think we both actually would have taken Pecan over Coconut normally, because the vibe I got is that we both enjoy pecan more than coconut. But we picked the tropical fruit because it's March Madness and because we can. But then it got crushed by chocolate. Embarrassingly hard for all of the Tropical Islander fans that watched. 
  • Caramel over Vanilla was tough because caramel is the original. But it had to be done.
  • Whipped Cream crushed Mint and Peanut Butter crushed Cookies. 
  • Final 4: Chocolate-Caramel and Whipped Cream-Peanut Butter.
  • In the West: I knew I was taking Caramel by a heavy margin. I thought Alex was taking Chocolate. So we argued with each other and I didn't know how to explain it to him but Caramel had to get the win. But then we figured out that we both felt the same way, and it was actually pretty anticlimactic. 
  • Peanut Butter vs. Whipped cream was the most angry I've ever been in a situation that involved Whipped Cream. I would die with Whipped Cream. That doesn't even make sense but if I'm taking anything from the bracket with me to my death, I'd want it to be Whipped Cream. Alex feels the same way about Peanut Butter. So we let the universe decide and she chose (just kidding, the universe doesn't have a gender...and if it did, it'd be a guy because that's an important job) Peanut Butter. I can live with that. 
  • Caramel over Peanut Butter was the same way, but we didn't fight to the point of physical violence this time. We just talked it out calmly. I wanted delicious Caramel (a 2 seed) and he wanted non-sweet Peanut Butter (also a 2 seed). It was pretty obvious that it wasn't going to be unanimous so we decided to each make a pick and let the universe decide the tiebreaker. We chose what we chose and then flipped the bottle cap. It chose Peanut Butter. That's how it goes.
  • And so the winner (by a close margin) of Alex and Jae's Things We Love Bracket is Peanut Butter. Definitely smooth, though? Right? Right??
And here's what we came up with, in short form:

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