Sunday, April 1, 2012

BBFMM Update

If you need a recap of how Bullets Blog Fantasy March Madness works, you can find a link here. Originally, our plan was to post updates after every round. But that would have been far too many posts (and neither of us really wanted to do that) so I'll just summarize the contest so far in the post before the Championship Game.

Every round has been close except for the First Four (when I had 2 BYU players, who won, and Toph had 1 Iona player, who lost). Except for that, every round has been within 20 points.

There's something to be said for the fact that I've used 3 less players than Toph and my players have still played 3 more games. But at the same time, I only have 1 of my original drafted players left (Tyshawn Taylor) and Toph has 2 (Thomas Robinson & Anthony Davis).

Anthony Davis (Toph) leads all players that have been used with 179 fantasy points. The list:

  • Davis (T): 179
  • Thomas Robinson (T): 160
  • Jared Sullinger (J): 155
  • Tyler Zeller (T): 129
  • Tyshawn Taylor (J): 122
  • Draymond Green (J): 120
  • Harrison Barnes (J): 94
Sure, Toph has the two highest-scoring players on the board. But my players have played an average of 2.27 games and Toph's have played 1.72. I think if we are going to boil BBFMM down to two stats, the first one is Average Games Played and the second one is Average Points Per Player (61.13 to 49.17 in favor of Team Jay). Maybe Points Per Game Played is more relevant than Points Per Player, in which case Team Toph holds a 28.55 - 26.97 advantage. 

Any way you want to break it down, Team Jay currently holds a 917-885 edge over Team Toph. Both teams will have three players playing in the Final. 
  • Team Jay: Terrence Jones (F, UK) & Tyshawn Taylor (G, KU) & Jeff Withey (C, KU)
  • Team Toph: Anthony Davis (F, UK) & Thomas Robinson (F, KU) & Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (F, UK)
Davis and Robinson are going to be the two highest-scoring players in the game. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. 

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