Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bullets Blog Fantasy NBA

As you may have expected, we decided to turn the NBA playoffs into a fantasy contest. A quick overview of the rules:

  • Each team drafts 16 players (6 guards, 6 forwards, 4 centers)
  • Each team must draft exactly one player from each team
  • The following categories are equally weighted as fantasy points: points, rebounds, assists
  • As the playoffs progress, players will be eliminated until the Finals, when each fantasy team will be left with one player from each division champion
We drafted over the course of the past two days. The results:
Team Trova
G Rajon Rondo, BOS
G James Harden, OKC
G Manu Ginolibi, SA
G Lou Williams, PHI
G Jeff Teague, ATL
G Paul George, IND
F LeBron James, MIA
F Blake Griffin, LAC
F Pau Gasol, LAL
F Kenneth Faried, DEN
F Kyle Korver, CHI
F Glen Davis, ORL
C Marc Gasol, MEM
C Al Jefferson, UTA
C Brendan Haywood, DAL
C Jerome Jordan, NYK

Team Daggy
G Chris Paul, LAC
G Ty Lawson, DEN
G Mike Conley, MEM
G JR Smith, NYK
G Avery Bradley, BOS
G Mario Chalmers, MIA
F Kevin Durant, OKC
F Dirk Nowitzki, DAL
F Paul Millsap, UTA
F Luol Deng, CHI
F David West, IND
F Hedo Turkoglu, ORL
C Tim Duncan, SA
C Spencer Hawes, PHI
C Zaza Pachulia, ATL
C Jordan Hill, LAL

Team Dave
G Tony Parker, SA
G Joe Johnson, ATL
G Ramon Sessions, LAL
G Jason Terry, DAL
G Darren Collison, IND
G Jason Richardson, ORL
F Carmelo Anthony, NYK
F Rudy Gay, MEM
F Andre Iguodala, PHI
F Serge Ibaka, OKC
F Brandon Bass, BOS
F Caron Butler, LAC
C Joakim Noah, CHI
C JaVale McGee, DEN
C Derrick Favors, UTA
C Joel Anthony, MIA

Team Jay
G Kobe Bryant, LAL
G Russell Westbrook, OKC
G Jrue Holiday, PHI
G Jameer Nelson, ORL
G Mo Williams, LAC
G Gordon Hayward, UTA
F Chris Bosh, MIA
F Josh Smith, ATL
F Paul Pierce, BOS
F Danny Granger, IND
F Carlos Boozer, CHI
F Al Harrington, DEN
C Tyson Chandler, NYK
C Tiago Splitter, SA
C Ian Mahinmi, DAL
C Marreese Speights, MEM

Team Malone
G Dwyane Wade, MIA
G Derrick Rose, CHI
G Devin Harris, UTA
G Evan Turner, PHI
G OJ Mayo, MEM
G Stephen Jackson, SA
F Kevin Garnett, BOS
F Amar'e Stoudemire, NYK
F Ryan Anderson, ORL
F Danilo Gallinari, DEN
F Shawn Marion, DAL
F Marvin Williams, ATL
C Andrew Bynum, LAL
C Roy Hibbert, IND
C DeAndre Jordan, LAC
C Kendrick Perkins, OKC

Mr. Irrelevant for us was Jerome Jordan (NYK), which is a role I'd guess he's used to because he was picked with the explanation "guys I gotta get going but my last pick is someone that I promise nobody else wants: Jerome Jordan."

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