Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hey guys I know it's a little late but I figured I should post a little something to keep everyone up to date. Consider this the post-round 1 blog. Only it includes like 1-3 games from round 2. Whatever. Your official scoreboard, as of 12:30am on May 17, 2012:
Mark - 2327 
Jason - 2302
Alex - 2217
Chris - 2121
Dave - 1949

First of all, let's pour some out for Dave. He is dead. That's what you get when you make dumb homer picks like Carmelo Anthony over Kobe in the first round of the draft. In round one, Kobe outscored Melo 271-191 in fantasy points. And he advanced to the second round. 

Our first next-level stat is called "Ideal Drops." Based on fantasy points per game/which players on the team tend to score the most fantasy points/who the owner should want to lose in the matchup (for example, I'd rather have Russell Westbrook advance than Ian Mahinmi), I selected the 8 players that would ideally be dropped. Here's how that played out:
Mark - 6/8 (ideally would have kept Glen Davis and Al Jefferson)
Jason - 6/8 (kept Josh Smith and Gordon Hayward)
Alex - 6/8 (kept Ty Lawson and Luol Deng)
Chris - 5/8 (kept Devin Harris, OJ Mayo, Shawn Marion)
Dave - 2/8 (ideally would have kept Joe Johnson, Jason Terry, Jason Richardson, 
Carmelo Anthony, Rudy Gay, JaVale McGee)

Our Bullets Blog NBA Expert, everyone! I mean Jesus, Dave. You couldn't even keep all the players you wish you could have kept on one line? Things are not looking good for the future of Marintown. 

But enough bashing. Let's move on to the future. Trova is absolutely dominating the second round so far:
Mark - 426
Chris - 392
Jason - 341
Alex - 311
Dave - 235

Behind LeBron, Rondo, Manu, and Blake Griffin, Team Trova appears to be unstoppable. 

What could stop Mark's guys: 
  • Miami loses to Indiana in as few games as possible
  • Boston loses to Philly behind Pierce, Allen, and Garnett (and not Rondo)
  • Oklahoma City makes a substantial run behind Durant and Westbrook
  • Kobe and Bynum lead the Lakers on a run (with minimal help from Pau)
  • Tony Parker carries the Spurs all the way and goes 40-15-15 every game? Would Dave even have a shot if this happened?


  1. LeBron and Rondo are the ultimate stat sheet stuffers, and that's why I drafted them. Blake Griffin, who I genuinely don't like as a player, was a solid pick as well. Remember how I ended up drafting the timeless Jerome James from the Knicks, who accumulated 4 points total in 5 games? My strategy was pick the best available players from the best teams. I had a few throw-away picks, such as James and Brendan Haywood, but I (correctly) guessed that those two teams would be eliminated in the first round. That was my strategy, and it has worked out so far!

    I hate the Carmelo pick, Dave. They had no shot in the first round.

  2. I was the fan in me. I planned poorly for this..I'm ashamed of myself