Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NFL Power Rankings Week 7

My apologies for the lateness of the Power Rankings.  Here they are:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (1) - They had a rough go against a Miami Dolphins team that will be in the playoff hunt toward the end of the season.  Did they get lucky? Yes, but good teams create their own luck.  Pittsburgh is for real.

2. New York Jets (2) - Coming off their bye week we'll see how they handle Green Bay coming off an emotional win.

3. New England Patriots (4) - New England showed that they aren't just a one dimensional team.  Their defense showed up to play against San Diego on Sunday, which was their only weakness.  They remain the smartest team in the league, always seeming to make an important, heads-up play.

4. Baltimore Ravens (3) - Baltimore struggled mightily against Buffalo, letting Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick torch them for 374 yards and 4 TDs.  Baltimore, like any good team, found a way to win the game though.

5. Indianapolis Colts (5) - I can't drop them when they didn't even play, despite how good the Giants looked.  Indy has a huge game coming off this bye against Houston, a little revenge game after Houston upset them in Week 1.

6. New York Giants (7) - I want to put the Giants higher after their dismantling of Dallas, but there's one thing we should remember, Dallas is dreadful.  I tried giving them another chance by picking them once again this week, and they did nothing but let me down.  The Giants won, and they're the best team in the NFC, but, after Jay's most recent post, we know best in the NFC doesn't really mean much.

7. Atlanta Falcons (9) - After beating Cincinnati, Atlanta is one of seven teams to have five wins.  That has to count for something, right?  I have no idea how to compare the NFC to the AFC because I feel like Atlanta hasn't beaten anyone good.  But hey, five wins is five wins.  Can't take that away from them.

8. Tennessee Titans (NR) - The Titans are yet another team I just can't figure out.  They're 3-0 against the NFC East, also with wins against Oakland and Jacksonville.  The Titans still have Chris Johnson (Even if he's been a major bust on my fantasy team so far) and a solid defense.  They're a tough team to beat.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (NR) - Kansas City is a flat out entertaining team to watch.  If for nothing else, they deserve to be ranked here for that alone.  They lost close games against Indy and Houston, but they rebounded and ended the streak with a blowout win Sunday over Jacksonville.

10. Houston Texans (NR) - The only team to improve their ranking after having a bye week.  This is due to the fact that every other team in the league is either a mystery or sucks.  We know what Houston is, a very fast offense with a horrific secondary.  We'll see if they're a true contender Sunday against the Colts.

32. Buffalo Bills (3rd Consecutive Week) - They should've beaten Baltimore, and Ryan Fitzpatrick proved he's a gamer, and he's a pretty good Quarterback who's unfortunately on a horrific team.  Dallas is going to be a dishonorable mention though, especially without Tony Romo they're closing in on the Bills quickly.

Sleeper Teams: Seattle (4-2), Green Bay (4-3), Washington (4-3)
Dropped From Rankings: New Orleans (6), Philadelphia Eagles (8), Miami Dolphins (10)

Numbers in Parentheses (With exception of Sleeper Teams) are Last Week's Rankings

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  1. Dallas is just depressing. Nothing has gone right all year and they were still losing by an average of about 6 points :(