Monday, October 18, 2010

New Kid On the Blog

I'd like to thank the Bullets Blog for generously adding me as an author to the site. I'm looking forward to contributing my sports knowledge to the team.

With the NBA season just around the corner, we are awaiting one of the most anticipated seasons in recent memory. With all of the free agent signings this summer, it is sure to be an exciting season. Yeah, LeBron's in South Beach, Amare's in NY and Boozer is in Chi Town. But as a result of the free agent buzz, one important aspect of the upcoming season as been pushed aside.

If I told you that last year in college basketball a player averaged close to 17 PPG and 7 assists/game along with being named his conferences' player of the year, a first team All-American and led his team to a one seed in the NCAA tournament, you'd expect big things from them right? What if I told you that this player was only a freshman? Then you'd have to be impressed.

John Wall's career at the University of Kentucky may have been short, but the stats speak for themselves. The guy was picked first overall by the Washington Wizards and let me tell you, he will turn that franchise around.

The kid can straight up ball. Why else would Slam magazine rank him as the 47th best player in the league before he's played a game? It has been reported that the young point guard has already gained respect from teammates and is considered the leader of the team. Doing this as a rookie in the NBA may be by far one of the most difficult things to do. But on a Wizards team that has been through so much as far as Gilbert Arenas' antics and the rebuilding process, they're ready to turn their recent bad luck around.

After watching John Wall tear up MSG last night against my Knicks in a losing effort, I could only think "What is this kid going to play like once the season ACTUALLY starts?" I expect huge things from him this season. His court vision is unbelievable, he can get the ball to anyone at anytime, his jumper has improved and the dude is faster than Usain Bolt. Okay, probably not. But he's one of the fastest, quickest players in the NBA today and he hasn't even played a regular season game yet. Mark my words, John Wall is a budding superstar. Rookie of the Year this season, All Star next season. Watch and be amazed as the former Wildcat works his magic with the Wizards. This kid is a "baller for real".

(Final thought: After watching John Wall's dancing during the Kentucky games last year, I've made the executive decision that when his career is over and done with, he should be a top candidate for "Dancing with the Stars")

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