Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Update

What a weekend! We got off to a ROCKY start on Friday night. The Kentucky/Kansas portion of our teaser hit (and the Kansas game was a wild one to have money on Kansas). Then Oregon tore off Arizona's pants in the Pac-12 title game and ruined the whole goddamn thing.

To start off college Saturday, we threw some money on the Alma mater to cover three touchdowns against little brother, and they did. Wildcats are a legit team this year, top to bottom.

We thought about taking Ohio State football against Wisconsin, but we were at the bar and never really got around to it. They won by a million. Hate leaving money on the table, but hate losing money even more, so no harm done.

On to NFL Sunday - we teased Texans/Colts early, and the Colts almost ruined the whole thing. Squeaking out a last-minute win against the Browns wasn't pretty and is a terrible sign if you're a Colts fan.

The Texans, on the other hand, are only 2 games back in the AFC South with games against the Colts, Ravens, and Jags (in addition to Houston, Indy plays Dallas and Tennessee). Indy is a 7 point home favorite next week, but if JJ Watt can find a way to win that... you never know. (Update: Bovada just posted their odds to win each division and you cannot bet on the AFC South, even though the Texans could finish 10-6 and the Colts could finish 9-7.)

Our nightcap was Patriots -4.5 over the Chargers, which was never really in doubt. We considered teasing that with San Diego +10.5 (which would have become +14.5) against UCLA, but decided not to complicate things. As it turns out, UCLA was a tad overrated and only won by 7. They will not be making the cut for the pyramid this week.

As for that updated college basketball pyramid:

Only one addition, Rock Chalk in the Good category. Florida might be able to sneak into the Decent category but as it stands now they're 3-4 with losses to Miami, Georgetown, UNC, and Kansas (and wins over three flaming dumpsters). Nevermind, Florida isn't getting into the Pyramid, and now I'm tempted to take Yale +10 tonight in Gainesville. 

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