Monday, December 1, 2014

Well #TeaseLife Blew Up Yesterday

If you are new to gambling, a teaser is basically a parlay where you can tack 6-10 points onto all of the spreads. It makes it more likely that they will all cover, but you take a hit on the payout. In theory, it's a safer way to parlay.

In practice, I want to shoot myself.

Yesterday, we liked six teams: the Colts, Ravens, Rams, Saints, Texans, and Bills. That teaser (+6.5 points) would have paid +500. We decided to drop the Saints and Bills, and go with a four-team teaser for +225. You know, to be safer and make it more likely that we'd hit.

The two games that we cut:

Well damn. Should have kept them in there. No big deal though, we still have four games that we liked even more. With the way the spreads worked out, the Rams, Ravens, and Texans just had to win. The Colts had to cover a 3.5 point spread.

The final tallies:

Total score: 240-124. Ravens lose though, whole teaser goes to shit. How did they lose?
Nothing too heartbreaking, just leading the entire game and then giving up touchdowns on the final 3 San Diego possessions to lose by one point. 

Verdict on teasers: 0 stars, 0 gold coins, 0 thumbs up. 

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