Friday, December 5, 2014

NCAAB Pyramid, Version 1.0

Last night's picks did NOT do well. As a reminder, we had Ole Miss -5.5 (hoping they were going to win by enough to cover) and Arkansas +7 (who we loved). Those final scores:

Yes! Nailed it! Money in the bank!

So our plan for the college season is to develop a hierarchy of teams and split them into Great, Good, and Decent. We can really only judge the teams we've watched, so we'll update it along the way. Here's where we are now - and keep in mind, teams can definitely move between levels. For example, Nova will surely drop completely out of the chart by the time the second round of March Madness rolls around:

Despite the loss at home to Duke, we're leaving Wisconsin in the top tier with the big dogs - for now. The ten point loss at home looks bad, but Duke had a historical offensive night.

Villanova and Iowa State both have looked quite good so far, but there is a definite gap between them and the super teams.

The 'Decent' teams are teams we'd take over most other teams, but we've already been burned by overrating Arkansas/Oklahoma and underrating TCU. So beware.

We will continue to add to the Pyramid as we go, and hopefully we'll all end up rich and drunk.

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