Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016 Grammys Recap

I was not thrilled with out last night played out. If you recall, our bet slip was:

Album of the Year 1989 (-250)
Best New Artist James Bay (+200)
Record of the Year Blank Space (+600)
Record of the Year Can't Feel My Face (+600)
Song of the Year See You Again (+700)

Selena Gomez, left, and Taylor Swift

Things That Were Good
  • Chris Stapleton won his first Grammy! I love that guy
  • Taylor Swift won album of the year for 1989
  • Justin Bieber is fucking amazing, feel free to @ me
  • Josh Groban is still alive
Josh Groban

Things That Were Bad
  • Every other bet we made lost
  • James Bay lost Best New Artist to Meghan Trainor, who has been releasing music of her own since 2009 (I was still legally unable to drive past 9pm by myself at that point)
  • Record of the year went to Bruno Mars for his blatant plagiarism of Trinidad James, which is a bad precedent to set for the future of music in my opinion
  • Ellie Goulding's lip injection obviously ran into some sort of complications
  • The Fast And The Furious was snubbed by yet another mainstream awards show, SMH
  • Why couldn't the Adele microphone fuckup have happened to literally anyone else? Adele handled it so well. I would have much rather seen someone throw a fit on stage in front of millions of people
  • I don't know how most people felt about Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie, but I hated it
  • Who invited this fucking guy?
Nick and Vanessa Lachey

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