Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Bruins/Canadiens Jerseys From The Winter Classic Are Being Auctioned For Denna Laing

In the wake of Denna Laing's scary injury on the Winter Classic rink in Boston, the hockey community came together to support her emotionally and financially. If you haven't already, take a look at her website and her Twitter page. It's a really powerful story and it's one of the best examples of people coming together to support someone in need. 

One way the teams involved in the Winter Classic are supporting Denna is auctioning off their game-worn jerseys from that afternoon. The auctions are winding to a close (they end between 9 and 10 o'clock tonight). 

So, naturally, let's look to see who's doing the most good for the world in the form of their charity auction making the most money.

(Note: because Denna is from Massachusetts, the money is skewed heavily toward the Bruins' side.)

1. Patrice Bergeron (Current Bid $5,100)
2. Brad Marchand ($3,720.63)

No surprise at the top. The hometown favorites have attracted more bids and more money than everyone else. Bergeron and Marchand both also donated suites at a Bruins' game to the Denna Laing Fund, which are currently being raffled off. 

The Bruins organization as a whole has pledged to donate at least $200,000. 

3. Tuukka Rask ($3,520)

Rask, of course, has been a staple in Boston for a while. And people love goalies. 

4. Dennis Seidenberg ($2,620)

I have to say, I'm a little surprised that Seidenberg is raking in this much. He's not from the area (or even the country), but he's been in Boston since 2009. 

He's also mentioned in most of the articles announcing the Laing family's plan to sue the NHL, because he commented on the poor ice quality of the Winter Classic rink. 

5. PK Subban ($2,520)

Knowing the kind of person Subban is, I wouldn't be surprised if he swooped in at the last minute and donated a bunch of money in the form of a bid on his own jersey.  

And, knowing how the Boston-Montreal rivalry is, Bruins fans would call him classless for pushing the donation for his own jersey above the donation for Bergeron's. 

6. Max Talbot ($2,141.21)
7. Brendan Gallagher ($2,020)

Another pair of surprises, though Talbot's gritty style made him a fan favorite everywhere he's ever played. Gallagher is young a promising? I guess? Good for him for fetching more than some of the big guns that played in the game. 

8. David Krejci ($1,820)
9. David Pastrnak ($1,760)
10. Zdeno Chara ($1,720)

I expected these three to raise more money because they represent the past, present, and future (though not in that order) of the Bruins. 

11. Andrei Markov ($1,490)
12. Max Pacioretty ($1,470)
13. Loui Eriksson ($1,370.05)

I also expected Pacioretty's sweater to raise more, since he's the captain of the Habs and all. Markov and Eriksson aren't too surprising, because one's way past his prime and the other is leaving his team before the trade deadline. 

(I don't know which of Markov/Eriksson is which though, and they might actually both be both.)

14. Mike Condon ($1,300)

This might be the most surprising of all. Condon is from Massachusetts, his dad was one of the state troopers assigned to the game, and his story was one of the better ones from the Winter Classic weekend. I would have thought someone would splurge to have his sweater on the wall of their mancave. 

And the bottom three...

46. Devante Smith-Pelly ($556)

Tough break for DSP, who "plays in the style of a power forward and is known for his hitting and forechecking abilities" (thanks, Wikipedia).

47. Joe Morrow ($545)
48. Victor Bartley ($420)

To be totally honest with you guys, I didn't realize either of these people was a professional hockey player until right now. They may not be - are they trainers or refs or something? 

Either way, the fact that a pair of no-names can combine to raise $1000 for a good cause like this is amazing, and I hope these bids all skyrocket before the night is over. 

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