Thursday, June 23, 2016

Let's Tackle Some Fictional Flyers Pre-Draft Trade Props

As the NHL Draft approaches, the internet kind of melts to the ground with rumors and suggestions and ideas. Hockey Twitter is the greatest, and this is its shining moment of chaos.

Whoever runs Flyers Nerd is throwing out a bunch of options, and I wanted to throw in my two cents:

Kevin Shattenkirk
Shattenkirk is on every team's wish list this summer. He's particularly enticing for Flyers fans because he's an elite talent, a right-handed shot, and available at a cap hit of just $4.25 million. If a long-term extension was involved, I'd love to add him to the lineup.

But a long-term extension is not involved, and I'd rather chew off my own hand than trade Sanheim (plus another asset) for someone that could either (1) demand a ton of money or (2) walk away for nothing next summer.

Verdict: Nope

Calgary's 6th Overall Pick

Mason, in my mind, is the long-term goalie for the playoff runs that this core is going to make. Morin, though not as high on the list as Provorov and Sanheim, is also going to factor into those future Flyers teams.

However, this 6th overall pick would mean turning Morin into a higher-end blueline prospect like Sergachyov,  Juolevi, or Chychrun. It could also end up netting a top-end forward prospect to add to Travis Konecny, which could be names like Dubois, Nylander, Brown, or Keller.

In my humble, uninformed opinion, I think Mason's present value and Morin's future value are far more than anybody who will be available at number six. Maybe Chychrun or Juolevi will turn into top-pairing guys, but the only prospects I could see trading Mason/Morin for would have to be selected with Edmonton's 4th overall pick.

Verdict: Nope

Taylor Hall

NO! Sports are part business and part entertainment, and trading the fan favorite rookie sensation is bad for both. It's also, in this case, bad for the actual on-ice sports product.

Verdict: You Shut Your Whore Mouth

General 'Trade Up In The Draft' Talk

The Flyers are going to be able to draft a decent forward prospect at 18. They aren't going to fuck it up, and if no moves are made everything will be alright.

But, if Hextall likes one of those forward prospects I mentioned above, it would be pretty easy for him to package #18 with a combination of his second, third, and fourth rounders (of which he has two of each) to move up and grab his guy.

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