Monday, February 13, 2012

Team TOPH Recap Week 7

Relatively average.  Welcome to the season of Team TOPH.  I'd be jut 2.5 games out of first in the Eastern Conference, instead I'm in last in the West.  I've got five more weeks, including this one, to make up for the mediocre first seven though.

I've had two average weeks, going 5-3 this past week.  This was a rivalry game, playing against Team Players considering we made the only blockbuster deal thus far in Starzz.  It was nice to beat someone who actually managed their team this week, however it'll be nicer if I can get an 8-0 win over Team Ayoub, who doesn't play his players, this coming week.

As usual, this was a full stat sheet I've got.  I forgot to adjust my lineup one of the days in this past matchup which could've cost me a couple points.  Winning despite just two games from Kevin Love was pretty clutch.  Hopefully he doesn't step on many more people's heads, in which case I should be okay.

O.J. Mayo has become what seems to be a permanent fixture in the Team TOPH lineup, as he's stayed for multiple weeks without being dropped.  The final two slots tend to be game day decisions and are very free flowing, with Norris Cole, James Johnson, Gordon Hayward, Ramon Sessions, Boris Diaw, and Goran Dragic (not one of my better pick ups; 0 points, 0 rebound, 2 assists) all contributing at some point throughout the week.  Monta Ellis scored 48 points in one game.  Serge Ibaka had 10 blocks in one game and didn't wind up getting a double-double.  I didn't think that was possible.  Well done Serge, you seem to prove me wrong every day.

Week: 5-3
Season: 27-28-1 (Fifth Place in Western Conference, Seventh Place in the League)
18.5 Games Back of First in West, 2.5 Games Back of a Playoff Spot

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