Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Academy Awards Contest Preview

For those of you who check out of Music page, you know that Toph and I had a little competition to see who could guess the most Grammy award winners correctly. We actually did it way back for the Golden Globes too. We're trying a new style for the Academy Awards, which air this upcoming Sunday.

We are doing a movie/actor/director fantasy draft. If it sounds bizarre, it's because it is. Here's the lineup card we have to fill out:

Full-Length Motion Picture
Full-Length Motion Picture
Full-Length Motion Picture
Short Film
Foreign Language Film

A few quick notes, in case you want to play along at home:
  • Any of the Full-Length Motion Picture spots can win for picture, screenplay, animated, foreign, documentary, art, cinematography, costumes, editing, makeup, score, song, sound editing, sound mixing, or visual effects. 
  • The Full-Length Motion Picture spots cannot win for actor, actress, supporting actor or actress, director, animated short, documentary short, or live-action short. 
  • The Short Film spot can win for animated short, documentary short, or live-action short. 
  • The Documentary spot can win for documentary or documentary short. 
  • The actor and actress spots count for both lead and supporting roles.
  • Every award won counts as one point. Each spot can (obviously) win more than one point if it works out like that. 
We still haven't worked out the logistics of the fantasy draft but I'm leaning towards a snake draft. No word yet on who gets the first pick. Not that I'm worried - I don't think Toph has seen any of the nominated movies and he picked Jonah Hill to win in the Golden Globes Pick 'Em. 

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