Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jay's Super Bowl Preview

Throw the following things out of the window: quarterbacks, coaches, the Giants' defensive line, the Giants' running game, the Giants' passing game, special teams, overtime rules. Go Daddy commercials, and Peyton Manning.

They don't matter to me.

Here's all you need to know: I have two theories about Super Bowl XLVI that directly contradict each other. The contradiction is all based on one man:

Theory 1
Gronk is healthy. He's been faking the ankle injury all along because Belichick and Tom Brady told him to. He's going to go nuts on the Giants' secondary and runaway with the Super Bowl MVP award. The Patriots will win to the tune of 37-24.

Theory 2
I'm being totally unreasonable in even giving New England a shot at winning. Gronk won't play, and even if he does he'll be limited so much that Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz will each triple his production. In this case, the Giants will win handily, 35-19.

One thing is for sure, however: Danny Woodhead will score a touchdown. I had a dream, so basically just lock that one down in whatever way you possibly can. He's going to cut across the field and score just inside the pylon.

And that, folks, is my terribly flip-flop-y Super Bowl prediction.

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