Monday, February 20, 2012

Jay Hawks Week 8 Update

To say the least, we needed a rebound from last week's horrid 4-4-0 performance. 

That'll do, I suppose. Deron Williams broke 100 points again but really slacked on assists - maybe because he doesn't have any teammates. I love to see Deron, James Harden, and Caron Butler combining for 35 3-pointers, especially since Team Players' entire team only made 29. Side note: have I told you that I only paid $7 for Harden in the auction? The only weaknesses were assists and field goal percentage. I blame Williams for the assists but commend Greivis Vasquez and Ricky Rubio (I need to think of a nickname for the young, Latino point guards. I'm open to suggestions). The field goal percentage is getting blamed solely on Ray Allen - he was like .200 below what he's been doing for the season. He's on my potentially-on-the-trading-block-but-not-just-yet-because-he's-Ray-Allen list.

Week 8: 6-2-0
Season: 52-12-0 (first place overall by 12.5 games)

Four matchups left.

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