Monday, October 31, 2016

College Football Season Prop Recap: Week Nine

So, we have good news and we have bad news in this week's CFB season-long prop bet recap. I guess we should start with the bad news so we can end on a high note.

#12 Florida State Lost To #3 Clemson, 37-34

I mean I guess this is really just minor bad news, because Florida State was mostly dead even before this loss. But now they are completely and totally dead, even after Dalvin Cook ran for 4 touchdowns and the Noles picked off Deshaun Watson twice.

Confidence Level: Officially Dead

#18 Tennessee Lost To South Carolina, 24-21

Saturdays were, in fact, for the Cocks this weekend. Josh Dobbs threw two interceptions (and lost a fumble), Tennessee totaled less than 300 yards of offense, and now they face a serious uphill battle to win the SEC East.

Tennessee (2-3) still has the tiebreakers over Florida (4-1) and Georgia (2-4), and they also have a game with Kentucky (4-2) in two weeks. The Vols need to win their final three conference games (Kentucky, Mizzou, Vanderbilt) and hope that Florida loses to two of their final three (Arkansas, South Carolina, LSU).

There's still a decent amount of hope for Tennessee, but they really didn't do themselves any favors by blowing this game against the Cocks.

Now, can we get a little bit of positivity?

#4 Washington Beat #17 Utah, 31-24

Ho hum, the Huskies kept taking care of business. They've got Cal, Southern Cal, Arizona State, and Washington State left on the schedule. Unless the Huskies blow one of those first three or WSU blows one against Arizona, Cal, or Colorado, that final week showdown will be for first place in the Pac-12 North.

Until then, though, there's nothing we can do except sit around and wait, and wonder why Jake Browning only threw two touchdowns this weekend instead of four.

#16 Oklahoma Beat Kansas, 56-3

And now, we'll end with the best news of all. OU blasting KU was never really a question. They took care of business (and then some).

The big news is Baylor lost to Texas and West Virginia lost to Oklahoma State, so now the Sooners sit alone, undefeated, atop the Big XII standings. They always controlled their own fate, but now they have a bit more breathing room.

It's no cakewalk the rest of the way, though. They travel to Iowa State before hosting Baylor, traveling to West Virginia, and hosting Oklahoma State to close out the season.

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