Tuesday, October 25, 2016

College Football Season Prop Recap: Week Eight

We are past the halfway point of the college football season. It's starting to get cold outside (for real this time) and hockey season is in full swing. That means it's time for big boy football, when it's so cold that you might even catch a football player wearing long sleeves. 

This time of year is when winners are decided, and we're about five weeks from knowing whether our four teams (Washington, Florida State, Oklahoma, and Tennessee) are going to be the winners of their respective divisions. Let's see how we did:

#5 Washington Had A Bye Week

With Ohio State's loss, the Huskies moved up to #4. Next week against Utah should be their last game against a ranked team, but it should be noted that USC (November 12th) and Washington State (November 25th) also received votes this week. 

Regardless, the Huskies should finish up undefeated and clinch the Pac-12 North. It may end up coming down to that final-week showdown with Washington State. 

Edit: Washington did not have a bye week. They actually throttled Oregon State. Whatever. Everything else in this section was true. 

#16 Oklahoma Beat Texas Tech, 66-59

You almost have to respect the Big 12's commitment to just never playing any defense ever. I mean these teams combined for 125 points. That's like three times as many points as an NFL game. Fuck the field position battle, the Big 12 is decided by who can hold their opponent to a field goal once. And then both teams just score touchdowns on every other drive. 

Thankfully, Oklahoma's been thriving in that sort of environment. They're undefeated, as are Baylor and West Virginia. Those three have games against Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma State on Saturday, and they should all continue rolling along until their round robin matchups next month. 

#13 Florida State and #18 Tennessee Had Bye Weeks

(And yes, I double checked these two to make sure.)

FSU moved up a spot to #12 because Houston lost, and Tennessee remained at #18 because Utah leapfrogged them. 

We've talked at length over the past several weeks about how FSU can't really win the ACC Atlantic. After the 'Noles lose to Clemson this weekend, that will be official. 

As for the Vols, they are currently officially in 3rd place in the SEC East. Here's how those standings look:
  1. #14 Florida (3-1) - games remaining against Georgia, Arkansas, South Carolina, LSU
  2. Kentucky (3-2) - games remaining against Mizzou, Georgia, Tennessee
  3. #18 Tennessee (2-2) - games remaining against S. Carolina, Kentucky, Mizzou, Vanderbilt
  4. Georgia (2-3) - games remaining against Florida, Kentucky, Auburn
  5. Vanderbilt (1-3) - games remaining against Auburn, Ole Miss, Mizzou, Tennessee
  6. South Carolina (1-4) - games remaining against Tennessee, Mizzou, Florida
  7. Mizzou (0-3) - games remaining against Kentucky, S. Carolina, Vandy, Tennessee, Arkansas
I would project the final seven to look like this:
  1. Tennessee (5-3)
  2. Florida (5-3)
  3. Kentucky (4-4)
  4. Georgia (3-5)
  5. South Carolina (2-6)
  6. Vanderbilt (2-6)
  7. Mizzou (0-8)

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