Saturday, June 23, 2012

NBA Draft Free Tee Shirt Contest

UPDATE: We changed the cutoff from all 30 first round picks to 20/30. But we still don't think anybody can do it. Prove us wrong!

Hey basketball fans, great and easy opportunity for you to win a brand new tee shirt (that is possibly sexually suggestive) and show off your skill as an NBA talent judge. All you have to do is correctly pick 20 out of the 30 first round picks next Thursday's NBA Draft and you'll be entered (if there's more than one winning entry) for a chance to win your very own Bullets Blog Tee. They look like this (without the rectangular border around the logo):

The winner will be announced on our Twitter page. If you don't already follow us, please do @bulletsblog. In fact, we'll give you a break and consider your entry a winner if you get 19 out of 30 correct but only if you follow us on Twitter. 

Trust me when I say that you will always be the center of attention when you wear this (possibly sexual) shirt out. All you have to do to enter is copy the following form, paste it into an email, fill it out with your picks (just the first and last name will work), and send it to Boom. Free tee shirt.

1. New Orleans -
2. Charlotte -
3. Washington -
4. Cleveland -
5. Sacramento -
6. Portland -
7. Golden State -
8. Toronto -
9. Detroit -
10. New Orleans -
11. Portland -
12. Milwaukee -
13. Phoenix -
14. Houston -
15. Philadelphia -
16. Houston -
17. Dallas -
18. Minnesota -
19. Orlando -
20. Denver -
21. Boston -
22. Boston -
23. Atlanta -
24. Cleveland -
25. Memphis -
26. Indiana -
27. Miami -
28. Oklahoma City -
29. Chicago -
30. Golden State -


  • If teams trade draft picks (will will likely happen), the number of the pick is what matters.

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