Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mock NBA Draft: Jay Edition

Just wanted to let you guys know the future winning entry for the Bullets Blog NBA Draft 2012 Tee Shirt Giveaway (check it out here), and give you some thoughts about a few players in the draft. 

1. Hornets – Anthony Davis, PF, Kentucky
That's pretty much a gimme for every single entry. I think people's heads would literally explode if The Unibrow didn't go first overall. 
       Bobcats – Andre Drummond, C, UConn
The Bobcats need to sell tickets. The ultimate gamble in this draft is Drummond - he could fill seats like Dwight Howard and be the cornerstone of their franchise. He could just be a big, athletic bust. 
       Wizards – Bradley Beal, SG Florida
In trading Rashard Lewis to New Orleans for Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor, Washington basically solidified that they will be selecting Beal to round out their starting lineup of Wall/Beal/Ariza/Blatche/Nene.
       Cavaliers – Harrison Barnes, SF, UNC
I cannot wait for this to happen. Forget Tristan Thompson.
5.       Kings – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF, Kentucky
Good players go to Sacramento to die. I can only hope that MKG can help turn the franchise around.
       Trail Blazers – Thomas Robinson, PF, Kansas
       Warriors – Terrence Jones, PF, Kentucky
       Raptors – Jared Sullinger, PF, Ohio State
       Pistons – John Henson, PF, UNC
Hornets – Tyler Zeller, C, UNC
I love this pick, especially with the departure of Okafor. It would give NOLA a starting rotation of Jack/Gordon/Lewis/Davis/Zeller with a lot of young legs on the bench.
   Trail Blazers – Damian Lillard, PG, Weber State
   Bucks – Perry Jones, PF, Baylor
   Suns – Jeremy Lamb, SG, UConn
   Rockets – Meyers Leonard, C, Illinois
Sixers – Dion Waiters, SG, Syracuse
It seems inevitable.
   Rockets – Royce White, SG, Iowa State
   Mavericks - Austin Rivers , SG, Duke
Timberwolves – Terrence Ross, SG, Washington
I pray to the basketball gods that Ross falls to Minny and that Kahn snatches him up. He seems like he could be the solution to the gaping hole in the T’wolves’ starting lineup.
   Magic – Kendall Marshall, PG, UNC
All I’m saying is look out for when Dwight Howard gets to play with an NBA-starting-caliber point guard. Not sure if Marshall is the guy. Deron Williams, on the other hand, would definitely be the guy.
   Nuggets – Marquis Teague, PG, Kentucky
Celtics – Draymond Green, PF, Michigan State
This would be a really smart pick.
   Celtics – Fab Melo, C, Syracuse
This pick would not be that smart.
   Hawks – Moe Harkless, SF, St. John’s
Cavaliers – Festus Ezeli, C, Vanderbilt
Irving/Free Agent 2-Guard/Barnes/Thompson/Varejao/? Don’t sleep on that squad. Ezeli doesn’t really play into that. But every team needs role players.
   Grizzlies – Arnett Moultrie, PF, Mississippi State
Pacers – Kyle O’Quinn, C, Norfolk State
White, talented, hardworking. Right up Indiana’s alley.
   Heat – Jae Crowder, F, Marquette
The classic energy/rebounding/shooting/hustle guy. And maybe he could donate some hair to LeBron.
   Thunder – Evan Fournier, SG, France
Not that this is a slap in James Harden’s stupid beard or anything, but Harden needs something to push him to rebound from the brutal/gruesome/feminine showing he put up in the Finals.
   Bulls – Doron Lamb, SG, Kentucky
Could be a contributor instantly because, you know, Chicago has a huge need for backcourt bodies.
   Warriors – Jeff Taylor, SF, Vanderbilt

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  1. Jason, I like some of these picks. You're probably right with Bradley Beal going third, as I had forgotten about the trade for Okafor and Ariza. I'm regretting putting him fourth. However, there is one glaring mistake here: Kyle O'Quinn is actually black, despite his Irish-white sounding last name.

    Good stuff otherwise though. May the best man win