Wednesday, November 16, 2016

College Football Season Prop Recap: Week Eleven

There are two games left in the college football (regular) season. Teams will potentially play another before bowl games and the playoffs start if they qualify for their conference championship game. We are getting down to the kitty gritty (or whatever that phrase is, I'm drawing a blank), and we should be able to piece together some reasonable scenarios for our boys to bring home their division championship games.

Florida State

Well, except Florida State. They will not be bringing home anything worthwhile. They're now 2 games behind Clemson and 2.5 behind Lousville, The Seminoles are dead.


Losing at home is bad. Losing to a ranked opponent is not terrible. All in all, the world is not completely ending for the Huskies after their loss to USC.

But they really need to beat Arizona State this weekend. That will set up a showdown with Washington State to decide the division on the final day of the regular season.

That's simple enough, right?


Let's get a little more complicated. Tennessee is 3-3 in the conference, sitting (for now) behind 4-4 Georgia, 4-4 Kentucky, and 5-2 Florida. UGA and UK are done with SEC play for the season, and Florida's last conference game is against LSU.

Should Florida lose to LSU, Tennessee can win the division by beating Missouri (at home) and Vanderbilt (on the road). That win over Florida back in September might end up being enormous for the Vols.


The Sooners are undefeated and alone atop the Big 12. But they close their season with back-to-back games against West Virginia and Oklahoma State, who are both ranked and have only one conference loss apiece.

Unless OSU loses to 3-3 TCU next week or WVU loses to 1-6 Iowa State the following week or to 3-3 Baylor week after that, Oklahoma will have to win out to ensure they win the conference. Otherwise, losing the tiebreaker could end up being the killshot that ruins their title hopes.

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