Tuesday, November 8, 2016

College Football Season Prop Recap: Week Ten

Sorry for the delay, I am aware that it is Tuesday. I am also aware that today is #ElectionDay, so let's fire up the election-themed recap of our season-long prop bets!

#22 Florida State beat NC State, 24-20

But the Seminoles are more like the Jill Stein-inoles, and they are dead with no chance of winning anything.

Tennessee beat Tennessee Tech, 55-0

It was a huge win for the Vols, but they were really just taking care of business before their final three SEC games. Up next are home games against Kentucky and Mizzou and a road trip (for essentially another home game) against Vanderbilt.

This was the football equivalent of Donald Trump winning Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama. We all knew the result before any of the action even really started.

Now it's on to UK, Mizzou, Vandy, Ohio, and North Carolina (those are some football teams and some swing states, FYI).

#14 Oklahoma beat Iowa State, 34-24

This was another game that Oklahoma was supposed to win, but it's nice to take care of business.

I've been saying it for like a month now, but the Big 12 title is going to be a three-horse race. West Virginia (4-1) and Oklahoma State (5-1) both won this week to stay right behind OU (6-0) in the conference.

Baylor lost again, and their 3-2 conference record probably eliminates them from the discussion. Baylor? More like Zachary Taylor, who was of a member of the Whig party, who is now as dead as the Bears' conference title hopes.

#5 Washington beat Cal, 66-27

And, more importantly, Texas A&M lost to unranked Mississippi State. So they Huskies are now officially in the playoff picture. If they take care of business down the stretch, they should find themselves in the actual competition shortly.

I'm going to get a little bit too political now, sorry. Washington is the Gary Johnson of this college football season. They haven't been considered a threat to the "major power" (Democrats/Republicans or the SEC/Big 10), but they're making quite a bit of noise this season.

Hopefully, these two can both take care of business this Fall (by winning the division and going to the playoff, for the Huskies - and by winning 5% of the popular vote and securing major party status for the Libertatian Party, for Johnson). And then, of course, there are two pretty important next steps that would follow. The Huskies would have to, at the very least, be competitive against Alabama. The Libertarian Party would have to utilize their funding and new influence to actually start placing Congressman and Senators in the government.

We will see.

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