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starzz02, baby

Okay Chris summarized the draft in the post below this. But I want to make a case for giving myself the title of Best Fantasy Basketball Auction Owner Of All Time. Like I killed it. The 8 categories our league uses are FG%, FT%, 3-pointers made, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and points. I'm loaded like the 2012 Phillies and I really can't see myself ever losing. $200 budget limit (I only ended up spending $181 - that good), in order of when they were bought:

Deron Williams - Excels in 5 categories (note: I count anyone significantly above the team average to be "excelling")- $67
Was it a little outrageous to spend more than one-third of my budget on one player? Yes. But he will have the most complete stat line of anyone this season - more than 20 points (including a bunch of threes), more than 10 assists, more than a steal, around 5 rebounds, and above-average free throw shooting and field goal shooting for a guard. He'll be worth it.

Zach Randolph - 2 categories - $24
Significant dropoff in spending but ZBo was a steal for me. Like Williams, he's going to put up more than 20 points a night. Williams' only deficiencies are rebounds and blocks - Randolph is good for 12 boards every night with an occasional explosion.

David West - 4 categories - $11
If you aren't familiar with how an auction draft works, everyone takes turns nominating players. I don't remember if I nominated West or not but I was bent on getting him. He is now the best player on the Pacers and is going to lead them in points, rebounds, blocks, and free throw percentage for a forward. No way he should have been this high in the process, but I had to steal him here. You have to adapt to your draft, and this one was a little wacky. Chris spent like $180 on his first 2 guys and was nominating Corey Maggette by round 3.

DeAndre Jordan - 3 categories - $10
Another steal. I would have paid double that number for him. Dude shoots above 65% from the field and gets 10 boards and 2 blocks a game. Pair that with the addition of Chris Paul? Stop it. That alone is good for a dozen open dunks a game (maybe not, whatever). Boom. Every category covered in the first 4 picks. Jay, you're a wizard.

James Harden - 3 categories - $7
People will look back at their NBA fantasy drafts at the All-Star break and say, "Shit, why did I not draft Harden earlier slash why did I not bid more for him than Antawn Jamison ($30, and poised to sit the bench for the cheating Jews. Not being stereotypical with that one - check out Chris' post about the cheating owner of the Jews/Fruits). James Harden is up there with John Wall on the "ready to go absolutely bonkers" list. I can't wait to rub this pick in everyone's face. Fear the beard.

Ray Allen - 3 categories - $10
I didn't want Ray Allen. He's old. He's probably going to get hurt. Even if he's healthy, he's going to sit out half a dozen games just to keep his legs fresh. But dog shoots 91% from the free throw line and is money from three point range. Since the Celtics have 4 players that are qualified to play NBA basketball, I imagine that the future HOFers will get a majority of the scoring load. I talked myself into it as I was bidding on him.

Tyson Chandler - 3 categories - $13
According to the projections, I overpaid for Tyson. I don't care. He essentially is the same as DeAndre - ten boards, (a little less than) two blocks, and an absurd shooting percentage. Why I paid more for the guy whose stat line is a little bit worse, I have no idea - that's an auction for you.

Joe Johnson - 2 categories - $16
At this point, I realized I didn't have a starting SF. So I looked at who was available and it was really just Johnson and Danilo Gallinari (sold to Malone for $2). I opted for Johnson because I had been stealing guys like Butch Cassidy and I had money to blow. Essentially, he just shoots 3 pointers and scores points and occasionally gets assists when he passes to Al Horford. Good enough for me, points are important.

Kris Humphries - 3 categories - $5
I hate myself.

Marc Gasol - 3 categories - $5
Another field goal percentage/rebounds/blocks guy. Another steal. This is my first time playing fantasy basketball; it seemed like centers besides Dwight Howard got no love. Did I make a huge mistake? Because my team's center game is unbelievable.

Caron Butler - 2 categories - $8
Disregard the money at this point - I had a ton left over to blow on guys I wanted. I watched the LAC-LAL preseason game and I loved how Caron looked. He fit into Chris Paul's offense perfectly, made his jump shots, and looked good in a Clips uniform. If he turns out to be a bust, so be it. But I like him.

Chauncey Billups - 4 categories - $4
I didn't realize that I picked the third through fifth best players on the Clippers until after the draft. Not a big deal - Chauncey is like a poor man's Ray Allen. A bunch of three pointers, second on the team in assists, and 92% from the line? I'll take it.

Ricky Rubio - 8 categories - $1
How I only had to spend $1 on Ricky is a mystery I will never understand. He shoots 100% from the field and the line, throws up a stat line of 60 points - 40 assists - 10 rebounds - 85 steals every night, and is the flashiest player in the NBA. Nah but really though, I love Ricky Rubio and if he can give me half a dozen assists and a dozen points, I'll take it. I don't like that he has to split time with JJ Barea, but I'll deal with it because I already bought his jersey.

Best Values of the Draft
Kemba Walker, $3 - rookie of the year
Rip Hamilton, $1 - comeback player of the year
Kevin Garnett, $2 - only forward on his team
Andrea Bargnani, $6 - would have bought him but I'm all set on centers
Brook Lopez, $10 - sucks in real life but awesome in fantasy
James Harden, $7 - not to toot my own horn, but.....
Roy Hibbert, $3 - unless centers turn out to be useless
Darren Collison, $1 - second most underrated point guard in the league

Dumbest Owner in the Draft
Team Mustangs, who drafted Lebron, Durant, and Nowitzki and spent a combined $17 on their remaining ten players.

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