Monday, October 19, 2015

The Flyers are 2-1-1; Mailbag

Let me start by saying this whole thing is a complete ripoff of Dave Isaac from the Courier-Post.

Dave's a great follow on Twitter if you like the Flyers, and I think that endorsement buys me enough brownie points that I can blatantly steal questions that people asked him on Twitter.

Will they ever free Vinny? 
In the actual tweet/question, she hashtagged "Free Vinny" - I do not support freeing Vinny, thus I am not going to #usethehashtag. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I think it's a great sign that Hextall/Hakstoll are leaving Lecavalier in the press box. He can't hang, and there is more to gain by figuring out the middle six (and whether Brayden and Gagner should be around after this season).

It would be easy to throw Vinny on the ice, trying to shelter him in an attempt to get rid of his huge contract. But that's a waste, and so barring injuries I have no desire to see Vinny with skates on.

Should Mason start Tuesday?
I don't know enough to answer this. Really, that should be Mason's decision. Clearly, if his head in not going to be in it, then he should sit his first game on the bench to get himself set. But if he thinks he's good to go, then he absolutely should get back out there.

One note on Mase's situation: I think it's a great sign for the team that nobody has leaked any details. The common thought is the "players meeting" after the big loss to Florida was him telling the team what was going on. That was a week and a half ago, and no details about the situation have been released. In my view, that's a sign that the team is a tight-knit group, and that's a great thing for a hockey team.

What kind of pizza do you like?
Chicken bacon ranch from Casa Bella on Main Street in Manayunk at 2:30am is my go-to.

How many goals for Schenn this year?
I assume this question is referring to Brayden but I'm going to go above and beyond and give you a double Schenn prediction. Brayden's gone for 20 and 18 in the past two seasons, and he's on pace for 41 this year. Obviously, I expect him to cool down. But I think he's going to crack 20 and end up somewhere around 25 goals for the season.

Luke has four times as many penalty minutes as shots this season. I don't expect much more than his career average of 3-5 goals this year. But I still love you Luke!

Lecavalier, MacDonald, Luke Schenn: Who gets moved first?
Somewhat related to that last question, I think the easy answer is also my least favorite. I don't want to trade Luke. I think there is a lot to be gained from a big bruising defenseman, especially when he's shown flashes of success in Hakstoll's system. I just think it's a pipe dream to expect to move Lecavalier and MacDonald's enormous contracts, and people are going to be interested in Luke.

That will be a sad day, but hopefully the haul for him is a nice addition or two to our big bucket of prospects. In case you haven't been following, Konecny, Sanheim, and Provorov have been tearing it up in juniors.

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