Friday, January 30, 2015

Saturday College Hoops Preview

D'Angelo Russell fucked us last night, plain and simple. He finished with an awesome stat line of 18 points, 14 rebounds, and 6 assists. If we had bet on "Will D'Angelo Russell have an awesome game?" then we would have won easily.

But, alas, the line we took was 20.5 points. So we lost. And now I have to look at him dominating all the headlines this morning.

All around, not a good night.

So let's look ahead. There are 17 games featuring ranked teams on Saturday, including 4 that pit ranked teams against each other (ACC, ACC, Big 12, and the powerhouse MVC).

Here's your viewing guide, and what I'd like to be able to bet on:

Noon teaser: #5 Wisconsin over Iowa, #8 Notre Dame over Pitsburgh, #17 West Virginia over Texas Tech

Just a trio of big mismatches. Wisconsin beat Iowa by 32 two weeks ago, and now they are going to Carver-Hawkeye arena to face a team that just lost to Purdue. As long as Frank and Bronson play, I'm in on the Badgers (and I think we might get a decent line because they're on the road).

Everyone saw ND defeat Duke this weak, and it definitely puts them in the conversation for a 1-or-2-seed in the tournament. They will be looking to roll on the road against a Pitt team that has lost their last three, and whose best win this year was a 5-point home win over lowly Georgia Tech.

As for WVU, I am almost hesitant to add them into this teaser because I feel like they always fuck everything up. But Texas Tech is reeeeeally fuggin bad, and their only conference win came over Iowa State (which is impressive), when they shot 11-24 from three and ISU shot 6-31 (which is very flukey).

2pm: #9 Kansas over Kansas State

I will say this until the season ends: I think K-State stinks. I have no idea how they beat TCU, Oklahoma, or Baylor. From a statistical standpoint, all they do well is get assists and get to the foul line. They are also solid on defense but not blow-you-away amazing. I don't care what the spread is, I'm going to take Kansas because I think everyone is overrating the Wildcats.

(This is how you lose a lot of money betting on sports.)

2pm teaser: #7 Villanova over Depaul, #21 Georgetown over Creighton

Nova beat Depaul by 17 in Philly. Now they're going to Chicago and I wouldn't expect it to be too much different. The Cats are so balanced that they have six players who could lead them in scoring, and two more that wouldn't shock the world if they did.

The other game is different in that I hate Georgetown, but similar in that the Hoyas beat the shit out of Creighton in DC. Now they go to Nebraska (right?) to face a Creighton team that just beat St. John's at home for their first Big East win of the season. Shooting 10% better then their season average from three (including 5-6 from a guy named Toby) helped, and the Jawnies leaving a touchdown at the charity stripe sealed it. I'd give the Blue Jays somewhere between "no chance" and "if they win it's because Georgetown stinks haha I hate them".

4pm: #12 Wichita State @ #18 Northern Iowa, #13 North Carolina @ #10 Louisville

I want to see where these lines open. I think Wichita State might be getting a little too much credit for their recent success, but they are probably a little better than UNI. However, a MVC game between ranked teams has never happened before in the history of college basketball (I think), so this will be huge for the Purple Panthers faithful. The McLeod Center is going to be type live. Fun note: "the McLeod Center" could also be used to refer to the McLeod Addictive Disease Center, which has nothing at all to do with this game, this post, or gambling in general.

Tar Heels-Cardinals is going to be an amazing game, I just have no idea how it's going to play out. That might be a player prop game for Marcus Paige, Terry Rozier, or Montrezl Harrell.

7pm: #2 Virginia over #4 Duke

I'm out on Duke. They aren't going to be able to score, and this is bringing back memories of Coach K's "line change" game against Clemson from a few years ago.

10pm: #3 Gonzaga over Memphis

I'm still in on Gonzaga, and I think we might finally get a reasonable spread. Memphis, on the surface, is a top-third team in the American. But, they lost on the road to the top two teams in the conference (73-59 at SMU and 73-55 at Tulsa) - and the conference isn't even that good!

Gonzaga is a legit team. The American is behind the following conferences (in no particular order): ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, Pac 12, and maybe even the god damn MVC.

Gonzaga in a landslide.

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