Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness Weekend 1 Update

It's snowy as shit here in Philly and that pretty much sums up how I feel about this morning. No March Madness. Pre-Easter Break exams this week. Life is not ideal.

So I'm going to live in the past and recap the weekend in Bullets Blog Fantasy. (But just the one that I'm winning, because I'm allowed to.)

The Knockout Pool
This brings a smile to my face. Chris and I both went perfect on day one:

  • Jason: VCU (1/1) and St. Louis (2/2)
  • Chris: Butler (2/2) and Arizona (2/2)
And then day two was where the men were separated from the boys:
  • Jason: Creighton (3/3) and Illinois (4/4)
  • Chris: Wisconsin (2/3) and NC State (2/4)
Because of the way the game is set up, Chris' two incorrect picks meant he had to pick four the next day:
  • Jason: Michigan State (5/5) and Arizona (6/6)
  • Chris: Syracuse (3/5), Michigan (4/6), Michigan State (5/7), St. Louis (5/8)
And thus three more for Chris on day four:
  • Jason: Florida (7/7) and Ole Miss (7/8)
  • Chris: Florida (6/9), Ole Miss (6/10), San Diego State (6/11)
I should have known that Marshall Henderson was going to be the asshole that ruined my streak. Oh well. I have three picks to make for Thursday's games and Chris has four. Here's who we each have left on the board (teams playing each other in the Sweet 16 marked with a slash between them):
  • Both: 
    • Midwest: Louisville/Oregon, Duke 
    • West: WSU/La Salle, Ohio State 
    • South: Kansas, FGCU  
    • East: Indiana, Marquette/Miami
  • Jay: Michigan (South), Syracuse (East)
I think we're going to have to make March 30-31 (Elite 8 going down to Final 4) one pick per day but I will talk to Chris. 

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