Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Bullets Blog March Madness Knockout Pool

March Madness is the best. We did Cereal Madness. We're doing a traditional fantasy game with teams of 8 players (it's way more complex than that). We are obviously doing brackets.

And now, our final March Madness contest for 2013 (maybe):

The Bullets Blog March Madness Knockout Pool

It works a lot like a standard knockout pool. Here's a quick rundown of the rules:

  • You have to pick two teams every day (not round) to win
  • Obviously, picking two teams in the championship round is impossible so we cut that base number from two to one  for the championship, Final Four, and Elite Eight (you're welcome)
  • You can not pick a team to win more than once (duh)
  • If you reach a point where you have already picked all of the teams left in the tournament, you are done
  • For each pick you make that does not win/advance, you add one pick to your total for the next day
  • Every day's base number is either two or one (see first two bullets)
  • But as the tourney goes on, you could be picking six games a day (if you suck)
  • For us, Chris and I are going head to head and saying that the best win percentage at the end of it all will determine the winner. There is definitely the potential to turn this into a game for cash. You guys can figure that one out
Feel free to play along with us on Twitter! @bulletsblog @jaylike @cmalone20

Obviously, this may need some changes as we go. But that's a good start. 

Our day one picks:
  • Jay: VCU and St. Louis
  • Chris: Butler and Arizona

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