Wednesday, July 13, 2016

British Open Betting Preview

This is going to be a very low-intensity betting preview. I hate betting on individuals to win golf tournaments because the chance they actually win is so low. Yeah, great, the payout is 8/1 or 15/1 or 60/1 but you never win because there are a hundred golfers in the tournament.

You might as well just throw a dart at your computer screen and hope for the best.

So, let's look at some of the groups that Bovada has available for this weekend's festivities.

Nationality of Winner

USA +160: DJohnson, Spieth, Watson, Fowler, Reed, Kuchar, Koepka, ZJohnson, Mickelson, Furyk, Snedeker, Holmes, Piecy

European +130: McIlroy, Stenson, Willett, Rose, Garcia, Wood, Knox, Lowry, Bello, Casey, Sullivan, Westwood

Rest of the World +260: Scott, Grace, Ootshuizen, Matsuyama, Schwartzel, Byeong Hun Kim, Jaidee, Lee, Kim (no, those last two are not just racist generalizations)

I like breaking into three categories like this for two reasons. First, it's fairly even between the three groups. And second, it prevents you from getting fucked if a no-name like Phachara Khongwatmai (currently 1500/1) wins.

A Group Against The Field

Another way to cut down on your odds of losing is do a reverse golf parlay. By taking multiple people, you increase the chance that one of your guys gets to lift the trophy or the plate or whatever they give out after the British Open.

DJohnson/JDay +375

DJohnson/JDay/McIlroy +220

DJohnson/JDay/McIlroy/Spieth +150

My favorite is the big four - you get the four best golfers in the world and a fairly attractive moneyline. In this tournament, like most golf tourneys now, there is a significant gap between those four guys and the rest of the pack.

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